Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Floozie on a chair,

and some pretty crappy pics from their run today...cos I don't have much of anything to blog about!

When Floozie and Shady were tugging on the stick,which admittedly does sound like all hell has broken loose,cheeky Taz the little git,suddenly piled in on Flooz! Lucky for him she is so tolerant!Little sod!

See why I need a better lense?Floozie and Mookie are play flirting/bowing,and Shady and Mindy have legs all over the place lol.

This photo is crappy quality but really shows the essence of Mindy,ears back,running flat out with a big smile on her face :)

Look at all the grass and shit over Shady,that's what you look like if you have a tussle with  Floozie over a stick hahahaha.

Charley gave me a hand with the dog walking today,help is always gratefully recieved! :)

I gots me a new computer desk and chair today,I don't know why  but the chair reminds me of Sponge Bob Square Pants!! I've had to put a bed under it for the Foof,she likes lying under there :)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Saturday, 27 October 2012

No dog day....

Today I went along to the MCM comic book convention in London.We just went along to take the kids.
Lets just say...it was different ;)

My niece Charlotte (far right) and friends at the train station,there were hundreds of people dressed up,the closer we got to our destination,the more weird me and my sister looked...being as we were dressed in 'normal' clothes lol.

These 2 were SCAREY!!!! They stayed in character when I asked,and when I thanked them for the photo....I thought they were going to eat me!!

This little girl seemed besotted with this character!

This characters costume looked really good....until he got into the main hall,which was heaving with people ,with no room to move,specially not when you have a 6 foot wingspan! It was hilarious,he had to shuffle along sidewayss to get through the crowd hahahha.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My dogs rock!

Mindy and I both know the reason she is not doing 30 miles per hour is not because of the sign...but because of the damn lead ;)

The dogs and I have had a great day today.I worked this morning just for a couple of hours,then this afternoon the Dream Team and I headed down to Dave's for the girls agility classes.
Mookie was a good girl,she's frustrating to run sometimes cos she's SO damn loopy when she run,and loops out left right and centre!
This is of course all my fault,not enough foundation work,and I don't do enough training exercises to make her really value her RZ's.(Reinforcement zones)
Mookie's class is first,and then when I run the Foof who has had the proper foundation she just seems to easy.
People often look at me like I'm a crazy woman when I use the word easy to describe the Foof,cos she is pretty mental,but I like mental,and she is SO headstrong,but we've channeled that to be an unwavering and intense desire and unstoppableness to get to her reward.
She does everything as fast as she can (which is fast!),and she will repeat something over and over again getting no reward for not getting something right,simply means she tries harder and harder to get it right to get to her God damn reward! I just love that about her,she never gets demotivated,I know this girl is going to be such a hard act to follow!!
I took all 3 of the for a walk before the lessons,and after the girls classes I was chatting for an hour,and Shadders was out,playing with me,roaming around the farm looking at all the little Shetland ponies,and having a great time. :)
When I got home this evening I took Mindy out for forty five mins.Good grief walking one dog is SOOOOO nice,,and easy.....I'd forgotten how enjoyable it is ;)
So we've all had a good day,I'm sitting in bed watching TV.The girls are under the blankets too,Shady is asleep on the dog bed beside me,and Mindy is snoring away in the cage at the end of the bed...life is good. :)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

The dogs who killed Christmas!

We were fortunate to be given a bag full of Christmas toys in the week,so this evening I set all the toys free,and wished them well,plus also told them they weren't to be very long for this world.
I always see toys like this in shops,at shows etc.I'm always tempted to buy some for the dogs,they look so cute,and I remember when I had my first dog Minstrel,and she had toys which last the whole of her life...14 and a half years,even though she played with them nearly every day.
She was so gentle with them.Alas now I live with a pack of hooligans!
I admire people who teach there dogs to play nicely with their toys,but I don't have the patience.Also I feel mean telling them they can't rip them to shreds when they just have so much fun doing it!
Mindy had a kinda reindeer x christmas pudding latexy toy down in the kitchen,which honked,as reindeer x puddings do in real life obviously!It kept her amused for most of the time i was in their cooking my dinner.
These cute little,fluffy toys lasted around 5 mins.
RIP Christmas!

It started so innocently.....

Mookie started getting angry!

'Oh hi,you look nice,but I'm afraid I'ma gonna have to kill you!'

This toy has a bottle inside it and is tres annoying!

Lol I love this one of Mookie!

I had to save this reindeer,I just couldn't let them kill it!

and so Christmas was killed!

These 2 were half of my work today,2 Tervuerens,litter brother and sister Mac and Ruby.
Mac in particular is very nervous,and his owner brings him muzzled as he will snap when he feels threatened (which sadly is alot).I bathed him whilst leaving the muzzle on,but once I've carried him from the bath to the table,I removed it today,and he was as good as gold for the rest of the time.:)
After I'd finished grooming them both I taught Mac to touch my hand on que with his nose.
He's so bright and I can't help but think that if he were mentally challenged a bit more,he wouldn't be so nervous.
I tried to explain to his owners what I'd done,and explain that for nervous dogs its a good 'trick' to teach them,as it helps make a more pleasant association with people's hands,rather than fearing them and backing away from them.I think she thought I was a bit mad,the trainer she goes too is very old school...le sigh :(

Waiting to be asked to touch so he can get a reward.Mac was So pleased with himself for learning something new :) He loved it.

These are 2 of my favourite customers :)

Friday, 19 October 2012


Get off of there and get to work ;)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

More photos...

Playtime at the Newfies.....continued from yesterday.


Mookie is such a herder,and whenever there is any action which she can't get in on,she runs round and round it barking!

 The next photos are from yesterday when I took the dogs round to see B.

More dogs on chairs"

'Hey get off my bunny Floozie you bitch!'

There's not a lot left of B's bunny toy! But he still loves it :)

He's looking good and fit again.

B may be ugly,but he has a really expressive face :)

'I gots my teddy bear :)'

A lesson in manners from Mookie to Bug!

Little Jazzy Bean :)

A lesson in self control ;)

Wild Bill mooching about,look at the little silver hairs in the little old man :)

 Little sweet Wild Bill looking like he's trying to stop Jazzy from jumping!
Bill is just the sweetest little Ferret,well so is Jazzy,they are a right old married couple :)