Sunday, 24 February 2013

Excited....that's me!

Pete and I took our 4 dogs for a photography session with cat Clark from Dograd Designs today.
I am SO excited to see how the pics turned out.

The groups shots are gonna be so cool,and for a laugh we had a 'splitting up' photo,where I sat to one side with my 3 dogs,and Pete and Bug sat away from us hehe.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Yes....I got my mojo back.....

It came back with the sunshine :)
Here's the rest of the pics from yesterdays run.It was such  nice time,Pete came with us and actually helped me take photos which made such a difference to the photos I could get.Some nice side on shots for a change,instead of the dogs just staring at me!
They seriously are fit,sprinting full pelt up and down the hills after the ball.They LOVE the chukkitt ball I found,so do I,I am pretty possessive over it lol.It is just indestructable,flies a long way with little effort,whistles as it goes so the dogs can hear it go,AND its a pretty colour for brightening photos up :) There is nothing that little ball can't do haha.
I think it is going to be sunny again tommorow,and it was light till almost 6 this eve,I attacked all the cut down branches in the garden this afternoon,then took the dogs for a quick run up the hills,and it was still light up there at nearly 6 :) So yeah my mojo had obviously been stolen by the rain and the short days...think next year I'll try some St John's Wort,which is supposed to be good for SAD,see if that helps keep my mojo intact through the winter :) happy and smiley does he look??? That is how he is inside and out :)

The Foof is a bit obssessed with the Flinger ball!

 When the sun was out,it coulda been a summer's day up there!

The black shape to the right of the pathway is Shady,Foof is there somewhere too.

 We found this pink and green/yellow tennis ball on the way home,Shady found it and was carrying it,so I thought I'd see if Foof would carry the Flinger ball back,which she did.I love it when dogs walk around on leads carrying stuff...they look so cute! Boo my beloved Boxer would carry something ALL the time :)

 Then back at home....

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Still can't be bothered.........

To do much.....
But I did take the dogs from a run up The Downs in the sunshine this afternoon,and got some lovely photos :)

This was my favourite by far :) I played flinger for half the run,up and down the hills,and damn I'd love to be either as fit,or as determined as the dogs! They fly up and down the hills,giving there all to get to the ball and then back to me,I still get out of breath just walking up there!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wordless Wednsday.....(well almost)

I recieved this via Facebook this morning from a friend and photographer Trevor Greenslade.It was completly out of the blue,and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All these photos were taken last summer at the Dogs in  Need agility show Final :) Love her,look how much fun she was having :) :)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

B A D blogger :(

I have had NO energy to blog lately,which is a good thing really as it means I've been out and about alot,doing stuff.
I have photos on my camera which I haven't even uploaded to the laptop,I just can't be bothered! Naughty me!
This vid is worth a smile though,watch it with your volume up hahahaha.