Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Free for all.........

I took the girls out for a blast on Sunday,just the girls (poor Shadders has a cut leg) me,and a pink wubba (thanks to Partners Pet Superstore).
I just spent a fun half hour throwing the toy and taking photos,and the girls had a great time.:)

Sprint training by Mindy,she makes a great lure,and she can RUN!!!

 'Come and get it Mook'


See Mookie does get it sometimes!

 'Um yeah,that's not your best look Foofle Pig!'

 Mindy really is quite a big girl,for all her lankiness!

I wish I could take those photos where you can really see the reflection in the dogs eye,I love how you can see the green of the grass and the blue of the sky in Mindy's eye here :)

Staffie smile :)

 'I think I love you Wubba :)'

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sixx shoot...

I got some new photos of Sixxalicious a couple of weeks ago at a show,I have vids of Mookie and Floozie running there,Mook's got another ANOTHER second.I lost the class on the last turn,which I handled badly!!

What you want me to put my foot up here?

 Worried cartoon face lol.

 Sixx and her mummy :)

Kisses :)


 Little Mouse Face :)

2o2o's everywhere!

Sixxers trying to decide if she's brave enough to nick the toy from Mookie.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

More walking with friends....

Nancy and I took the young guns out for a run in the hills around Ivenhoe a couple of Sundays ago.I really want to climb a mountain with the dogs,but we have to make do with just hills around here.
It was really busy with hikers,and dog walkers,as it was a beautiful day.
We walked for over 2 hours,it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon :)

 Happy is,as happy does :)

 The hills are alive,with the sound of Foofle!

 'Oh yeah..I'a take that toy from you!'

 Handsome Zavi!

 Neatest farm drive I've ever seen!

 This looks like a deceptively gentle slope...oh it was not!

 Me and the Foof :)

 Outakes lol