Sunday, 27 February 2011

Easy like a sunday morning....

It was just me and the dogs at home this morning,and the sun was shining.
I had a lazy morning,playing in the garden and photographing the dogs.The 4 'baldies' were soaking up the sun,and I cannot wait till it is summer and the garden is dry enough to let them play out in it all day,without it looking like a rugby pitch!

Yesterday Bug seems to have got himself stung by something,and has hives and 'sticky outy' fur all over him.He's not in the least bit itchy or bothered by it though,so I'll give it a couple of days and see if it goes away of its own accord.

The sunshine is brilliant for taking pics,but it does make the dogs squint!

The ferrets like to know what we're up to if we're out in the garden,of the group of 5 though,only Bobcat was awake,and I think he was only just awake :)

Bruce wanted to know what was going on.

Pinky popped out to say hi..

Floozie checking if Bruce and Jasmine (the ferrets) have knocked any of their food through the bars!

We had a brief interlude inside,still playing though.


Wolf boy...

Bwahaha look at Floozie's crinkly lip in this photo!

My little girl,Mooks.She such a good girl when you ask her to be,and quite mental when you don't ask her to be good :)

Shiny Mookie,she's really losing the black to her brindle as she gets older.

What a shame I didn't get this shot in focus,I love how it shows her big cheecks :)

Post rally...

I took my camera with me and Shady to Rally class last week,but I forgot to ask the instructor to get some pics,duh.
After Rally we went to play with or around the Newfies lol.

Hot Bug..

Floozie loves playing frisbee,but I gotta get a nicer coloured one for pics!

Playtime between Bug and Floozie is a full contact sport for sure!

On guard...

Boring stay pic.

Taming Floozie part 2.....

SO we've been doing lots of the 'taming Floozie' training.Its harder on my own,as I like doing the restrained recall with her and another dog,and calling her off them once they're running.
So as I was alone I used Shady chasing a ball as the 'bait' hehe.
I'd throw the toy for Shady and as he ran give Floozie sausages.
After about 5 repetitions,Floozie didn't show any desire to chase him as he ran,so I began leaving her to chase him for maybe 5 or 10 feet,before calling her back and rewarding heavily,its working well.:)

'Mmm sausages!'

When I say she can she has a good ol' tuggie with Shady.

The bait dog.

I love how in the middle of a field of nothing,male dogs find some teeny tiny plant to pee up :O)

Toy hog!

Bad ear day...

Posing for photos doubles as learning to stay when told to.Floozie is watching golfers on the course acros the lane.

After the walk I took Floozie in to play with Rosie and Dylan for a while.

Saying hello to Rosie :O)

Dylan,the big bear.

I love how Floozie acts all submissive around Rosie and Dylan,and yet still takes the piss out of them!

'Bwahahaaha I got it'

'Give it to me!!!'

'Can't catch me you STOOPID Newfie!!'

Floozie is only few days away from being 8 months old,and I think she's about fully grown height wise.I hope she is,I like her being little!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mookie is not amused...

She doesn't believe in sharing her space with anyone,except Pete or me.

Rainy days...

We've been having a load of grey rainy weather lately,no good for taking photos outdoors.
So in my boredom I took some (crappy) indoor pics of Shady and Floozie playing 'its my blanket' with the little green fleece which Floozie likes in her cage.
She has it on top of her regular bed in there,and does some 'angry bed making' with it,which is where she makes her bed whilst making some very violent noises haha.

You can see the little dog bum in these previous pics yes?
Well its Mookie who couldn't care less that there is a small war going on right next to her,she's too busy loving and worshipping her kong :O)