Saturday, 30 March 2013

Real live sunshine!!!

We've had it off and on for 2 days!! Incredible,and on a Bank Holiday weekend too.
I'm off to a show tommorow,but here's some pics,to show what we've been up to this weekend.

We stop near the kennels before work for the dogs to have a quick stretch of their legs before they have to wait for me in the van till lunchtime.You can see the girls ahead of me on the footpath/mudbath!

Don't mess with The Mama!

Shadder is such a good confident boy around other dogs,and was used MANY times as the stooge non reactive dog at the old training school I helped at.the 3 GSD's would go mental at him at the fence,and he would just stand there wagging his tail until they got bored going crazy,and actually sniffed and didn't react badly to him at all.Shady knows how to handle all dogs :)

Crap photo,but the one which comes closest to showing off her beautiful eyes,they are like jewels against the white coat!

Daughter Ruby.

Excuse the caravan in the background...someone is living in there whilst their new house is being built.

Shiney Happy Person!
 At lunch whilst I tidied the van out a bit to look for my Beautiful Beasties photography book...(which I LOVE) Shady dove into the van and stole 'The Foot'.....which is like catnip to Foofie.....or Foofnip bwahahaha.At training the other day,she would not leave The Foot to play with another toy...which is the first time in her life she's ever not switched from one toy to another with no issue....she is obsessed with The Foot.Dan (my trainer) said he'd never seen her be so opinionated about toys lol.
I love The Foot too :)

Keeping an eye out for the wicked little sister!

Foof got told off for trying to kill her brother to gain possession of The Foot,here she is after being told not to....'Must not look at brother or Foot or I will have to steal it from him!' lol

'No seriously Shady...give me the damn Foot back!'

I had to stop this tugging after getting a few photos...I feared for The Foot's well being...and knew that World War 3 would erupt if I left it to escalate!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Not much going on....

But I took my camera out with me anyway.
The dogs got to mix with 3 of my customers yesterday,Buddy a Cocker,Dixie,the wonderful 'Mini Labradoodle',and Bella a Spanish Water Dog.

Bella is an interesting girl,sold to first time,and not dog savvy owners,she most certainly is not the perfect match for them.
She is very nervous of strangers,barks and yaps and growls at them all the time.Her owners bought her to me from a very young age,which was extremly fortunate for both Bella and me!She is lovely to groom though,as she came so reguarly.Yesterday she was very matted,and the owner reported that she thought there was something wronf with her foot..Once I had clipped her off,I found her stopper pad had a big chunk missing out of it!
Dixie is SO much fun,I have to say,I have yet to groom a Doodle or Poo dog which wasn't a nice,fun dog....something to be said for Disney dogs!

Shady meets Buddy,a very hairy Cocker!

'Ain't nobody taking my toy!'

Best dog tag ever.......Sponge Bob!!! :)

'Now he's sniffing my face isn't he?'

Waggy doodle.

Is this dog not begging to be made into a cartoon?!

My beautiful little Piggy :)

Love this little Doodle!

'Play with me??'

'Come on lady....let's PLAY!!!'

'Say wha??'

Mookie is back with me again,I miss her too much to leave her with Pete all the time,but I do feel sorry For Bug,he loves having her around.

Noisy old bag!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


A couple of vids from todays training session.Foof  has only had 3 proper training sessions in the past 5 months,she was on FIRE!!!
She is CRAZY for agility,she just loves working towards a goal...getting her reward.

The first vid includes the little 'detour' she added in haha

Here she is finishing the course the way Dan wanted her too!

Here's some photos from the 2 shows we've been to at the wonderful 'Dog Training Barn'.

The result of todays agility........a very relaxing evening :)