Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A whole month???

Without blogging?That has got to be longest hiatus since I started the blog.
Time has been passing by so quickly,I'm not sure I always enjoy the new 'busy all the time' me.

I'm just pack from a week at camp,which was a lot of fun.Bless my little girls who haven't been trained properley since last November,coming straight out and getting stuck in :)


Shady always pulls a girl,wherever he goes! This is little Dot,a Pom x Papillon who is 10 years,but is growing old disgracefully haha.

Playing hard to get now ;)

Sixx and Becky having a snuggie.

New patio,and new Ferret homes :)

B has the perfect eyes for a reflection shot!

Chilling at home :)

Add captionA happy....and good looking family!

Actual GOLDEN Goldies....somewhat of a rarity in the UK these days.

Smiley Floozie :) She was a star at the country show.

I took Mookie out for a blast when we got home,this is her crazy 'throw the ball' face!

Had to get a photo of this little one...just had too!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Lazy sundays....

I wish I had more of them!
A few weeks ago,2 or 3? I had an unexpected Sunday of,as I decided not to go to a show I had booked.

You know what I did??

I sat in the garden.......for 5 hours...5 hours!!!!!

This wouldn't be unusual if you had a lovely garden,complete with lovely garden funiture...but in my little garden,with just my deck chair from the van it wouldn't normally seem so appealing!
But I loved it.I played with the dogs,I had 3 cups of coffee,I played with the dogs some more,I took photos,and I had both my breakfast and lunch out there :)

It was JUST what I needed!!

Mookie ..... cup cleaner extraordinair!

Snoozie Floozie.

'Yeah I'm trying to sleep here,stop taking photos!'

Foof was getting her Bug on (getting her lip caught) in between naps!

O M G   I have a toy!!

If you knew'd know what this expression is...he's laughing at me! did take 4 hours,but look...they are both asleep...and I caught it on camera :)

Makes me laugh when people look at me like I'm crazy when I say Mookie has Collie in her...aside from her behaviour,her look side on really reminds me of some ol' farm dog :) She's going so grey,which has earnt her the nickname 'Granny' :)

Dogs faces always look to me to display contentment during a good scratch!

Sleeping with her tennis ball.

'Keep trying're not gonna get a photo of me sleeping!'