Monday, 28 March 2011

Trail blazers...

Pete and I took the young guns out for the day yesterday.We went to Soham to check out Scampers pet shop,it was nice enough,but not worth travelling that far for.
Still the dogs loved it in there,Floozie was 'singing' at people when she wanted them to stroke her :)
On the way back we went to Rowney Warren,near Shefford and had a lovely walk.

Bug's new habit is to carry a stick for the entire walk.Annoyingly for him,there's always a little bitch attached to it these days!

Floozie is just under 9 months now.She was hard to photograph in the forest....she just blends into the background.

I really wanted to get some nice photos of them both jumping the log....I failed miserably with shot after shot of out of focus dogs,and about 10 wondefully in focus of just the log hehe

This was the best of a bad bunch of the log jumping B photos!

One of the pathways in the forest,its such a peaceful place,there are tons of people in the carpark,but you only have to walk a few minutes and you're on our own.

This was Floozie's first time playing in water and she LOVED it :O)

Bug and Flooz saw the dog on the bank,but didn't even bother to say hi,too much fun in the strem!

I love this photo,she looks so thoughtful here :)

We don't call Bug 'Boing' for nuttin!

'Nom nom nom...'

Flooz likes to provoke B into playing by jabbing him repeatedly in the face with the stick bwahahaha!

'Stoopid boy...give me that back!'

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Karate Bug...

The boy has some moves!!

Bug is daring Mindy to come and steal his toy!

Bug is looking a bit fitter again lately,since the light nights have arrived he's been getting alot more exercise,we wonder if he'll ever look as good as before he was neutered?

I bought Bug a new collar from Crufts,doesn't he look thrilled to be wearing it ;O)

The black sheep of the family! ;O)

Floozie has a new collar! I just love the collars from fairytails collars on Etsy.

We have been having some great weather lately,which is so nice cos it means I can take the dogs to work with me,and they enjoy it,having the free run of the grooming room and garden,instead of sitting inside look cold and miserable with me through the winter.
Floozie is pretty much disinterested in the other dogs,says a quick hello,then goes about her business.

'You wanna play Freddy?'

This is a crap quality photo,but I like how the girls look completly bored by the boys who they've left in the background hehe.

Eddie is a Labradoodle who belongs to friends of the family.He is a lovely dog,very even tempered and full of go,I love him!

Mookie giving Ed the look which says 'stop sniffing my butt!'

He looks like a mini Wolfhound..

This is Millie,obviously pre clip.She's almost 13 years old,but she doesn't act like it at all,and loves to come out and meet the other dogs.

This is another Mindy.She's a little black Mini Schnauzer.
Her mum doesn't have her trimmed like a Schnauzer though,which is a shame as I like clipping the 'beard and eyebrow' breeds the best.
Notice how cocky Mooks and Flooz look,they never act as though their body language here would suggest they are going to.

This is Sky,a really sweet BMD I groom,Floozie likes the really BIG dogs best :O)

Bwahahaha,Shady got run over!

Poor girl is SO overweight and really struggles.Her owners just don't seem to realise the importance of slimming her down.:(

Friday, 18 March 2011

Soapy Saturdays...

The 3 Collie boys,Paddy,Ziggy,Leo.

Sweet Paddy boy..

Paddy staring at the ball being waved over the fence by neighbour!(still wet behind his ears,not greasy)

Leo is really easy to get photos of,just hold a ball and he will stare for hours :)

Laughing at me!

Loving the ball.


Ziggy Stardust!

'Dad,put me down!'

'No,ok but I'ma gonna kiss ya!'

After bathing the Collies I just couldn't stop! So Shady got put in the tub

Floozie got the better end of the deal,and had a new stuffed bone to chew on in the garden..