Sunday, 5 June 2011

Long time no post...

Its now the first week of June.The thing with blogging is that when you have plenty of time to write,its because you're doing nothing,so have nothing to write about.When you have plenty of things to write about,its because you're busy doing things!
These pics are from April,from the Bank Holiday weekend,the Royal wedding weekend I think.

Mooks and Pete on the way.

Mookie had such a great time playing fetch in the river!!


1st rule of when your dog is stuck in the river?...Laugh and take a photo!!!

Charley is truely an 'off road' person lol,if there is a tree to climb,she's up it like a shot :)

Mooks is cool!

We sat down to eat lunch which Zeesa had very thoughtfully provided,complete with picnic rug too!We were joined by 2 Vizslas which were being walked past by their owner.
Mookie had actually met these dogs a couple of years ago.


Trying to convince Pete to share his lunch!

Shouting at us to throw the bottle!!!

Mooks and Taz trying to get some sausage!

Charley and Mookie playing with bubbles.

Charley went rock climbing,Mookie joined her up there too :O)

We re-enacted this shot,I'd taken one of the 3 of them posed that way about 2 years earlier :)

The day after we had been there with Mookie,Lisa and Charley,Pete and I took Mindy and B over to the river/quarry for some fun.

B loves playing fetch in the water.

Mindy is doing great ignoring the very exciting spaniels playing fetch in the background :O)

What do you do when your dog gets stuck in the river???
Laugh at him and take photos of course!

'Quick dad,throw it!!'

Mindy cockle,with B acting weird in the background!

This is the quarry from the top corner,where you come out of the woods.I love it here,its so peaceful,and has it all.The river,the woods and then the quarry.

Mindy really wanted to go swimming too,and to kill the ducks no doubt.

Lol I love B's face in this one!

Bug's so purdy!

We kept calling Bug out of the deep water because it really looked like he was drowning!His legs were thrashing out above water and he was vertical,which is never the right way for a dog to be swimming ;)He looked like he was treading water like a human.After about 10 mins of calling him out,only to have him sprint back in and go straight out to the deep bit over and over we came to a realisation....that is how Bug swims!hehehehe We were cracking up,he looks like he's totally panicking,but really he's just having a nice swim!