Monday, 24 October 2011


I am a very lucky girl right now!
I have been given the use of a piece of private,and fenced land to use with the dogs,and I LOVE it!!
I've been spending hours with the dogs down there,I can walk them altogether which means they can all get twice as much exercise,with half as much effort from me...bonus!
I fully intend to become feral :O)

The perimeter on one side,the only side where you can actually get to and walk along the edge,which is something I'd like to change.I want to be able to walk around the edge,not just kriss kross backwards and forwards.

B nearly always has a big stick with him!

Paradiso makes Mr B very happy!!!

The dogs love the river :O)(Me too)

Sticks,sticks and more sticks,they're EVERYWHERE!!!

Banks to run up and down!Its got it all lol.

One of the pathways which is all nettles at the moment.

Wolf dog!

B found a new friend...a lump of wood,he spent about half an hour digging and chewing it up...weirdo...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

DT (the dream team)

So most days I've been dragging the dream team with me all day,and then coming home and sorting B and Mindy out after work,walking etc.
Its working out nicely,Shady and Flooz have stopped coursing each other and Mookie as its become no novelty to be run together.
So I go to work with them,take Cinders out with one or all of them.Go to the Newfies,let the DT (dream team) play in there garden.
Then I take them out for an hour or so run opposite the Newfies,back to work and then home.
Another welcome result is that the DT don't move for the rest of the day once they've eaten their dinner,well unless we're going out training that is.

Mookie generally runs around in circles yapping lot when the others play tug,but today she was up for a tug too.

A moments 'still' from these 2 is rare.

I don't think Floozie likes the taste of acorns!

Foof aged 15 months,definitly not looking as good as when she was on raw,think sh'e gonna have to go back on it.

Mookie likes to tease the others by hiding behind the play house with the toy haha.

Shady got it!

Mookie got it!

Newfie business...

Rosie was doing what she normally does,sitting on the outside watching the action..

But then.............
Woo go Rosie!!

Tug it Dylan!

Beautiful autumn days...

I've been running the dream team together every day,and they have really almost completly given up 'coursing' each other,which makes for a MUCH more relaxing time for all concerned.Ecspecially me and Mookie,who is the usual 'quarry',poor girl.
Also this place is SO much better to let Mooks run as there aren't many woods for her to obsess over,just occasional flocks of crows which must be dispersed!

All my dogs are weird,when they're hot they roll around!

The dogs love eating the 'rushes' around where the river 'should' be.

Shady's coat is almost back to its pre-neuter glory.....YES!!!

In the distance you can just see a few lorries travelling on the M1 motorway,10 mins from the green and pleasant place,you are in London.I imagine it won't be too long before this land is built on :O(

Happy headshots :O)

Mookie has her eye on the birds in the next field!

Mookie goes off to clear the next field of birds.Her dream job would be clearing airport runways of birds,I'm not sure if they do tht in the UK,but I've read about in the USA,and dogs to clesr golf courses of birds.Mookie needs to move to the USA!

There is a ditch to cross from one field into the next,and I discovered great fun can be had by sending the dogs racing backwards and forwards,up and down the ditch and trying to get photos of them lol.

Coming back!


'Get your bum out of the way!'

The view as I send them back up the other way.

Even though we've been out for an hour,Shady is always up for some tugging,even if it is only with his lead.

The end of the walk,just a milling around.