Friday, 21 February 2014

Just a few pics from today :)

Another beautiful sunny day,everything just seems better in the sunshine :)

The Newfies and I love the flooded fields,I'll be sorry to see them go.

Shady reminds me of Aslan,the lion from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe now he has a little grey chin :)

Come on Spring....I can taste ya!

Spring is just around the corner,one week of British wintertime left woop woop!!
The days are getting longer,and for a change we have not day long rain for a few days,life is good!

Lil bit of flossing :)

Just the three of us walking yesterday,Mookie has a mystery lameness :(

Bit of hill work to get The Piggy back in shape for agility :)

'Throw the stick!'

ALWAYS happy...ALL of the time :)

Lol the word on the tv suits her very well :)

Walking at dawn :)

Since I finally got on Instagram and take photos on my phone all the time,I have started seeking 'light spots' during our in the dark walks :)

Welshie head tilt!

Oooo I would love this dog...toy C R A Z Y!! No sense of self preservation when it comes to getting the toy...I have a bruised shin to prove it!

The boys make it pretty clear when they think its playtime :)

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Catching up....

 Wow its been a month since my last post....same old thing,life getting in the way.In fact I don't think I've even turned my laptop on in that whole time,which I think can only be a good thing? :)

Life is begining to take a slower pace,which after last year,me and the dogs will really benefit from,in a couple of weeks operation slow the hell down will be in full swing :)

The dogs are all well,hard to believe in a few months when they all have their birthdays (they're all summer babies) the they will turn into older age or well into middle age.Shady will be 8,Mookie will be 7,Bug will be 6 and even The Foof the baby of the gang will be 4!!

How I spend most of my time...with Shady by my side gazing up at me,he is SO sweet,and I don't know who loves me more,him or The Foof!

Photobomb by Mr B!!!

Happiness is.....

Lots of walks in the dark over the past few months.

It finally stopped raining and turned colder...which you can see only one of my dogs is happy about!