Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bad,bad blogger.....

Again,I am behind,same old excuse,too busy with life to record life on here.

So here's a photo of Foof one of my recycled dogs ;)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Not home much...

So not alot of blogging going on!But life is good,if very busy.My job and life is a real case of feast or famine,its so linked in to school holidays,with those periods being busiest,and of course busier in the warmer months too,when more people get there dogs groomed.
At the same time my grooming goes mad,so the agility show season kicks off.
I'm doing flyball once a week,trying desperatly to keep agility to twice a week,once with Dan,once at Becky's,then Regiment training twice a week,plus work,plus the Newfies and Lilly to walk,plus mine to walk,plus keeping the flat running etc etc...at least I'm never bored! :)

The crew and me at the Spring at Shuttleworth agility show,which I forgot to enter ooops!
It was Becky and Sixx's first 'proper' show (KC),and they did brilliantly!!

First sunbathing session of the year,they are just outside my grooming room,I'm very lucky that I get to take my dogs to work with me :)

Foof enjpying the view up the hills :)

Beautiful Lilly :)

How cute is snoozie Lilly?As she is deaf,she had no idea I was there,and was dreaming busily away,legs twitching and eyes flicking.I tapped the sofa gently to wake her,and as she slowly opened her eyes and realised a person was there,she pinned her little ears down,and was SO happy to see me :)

Tutu tops for boys :)

No B you can't choose the channel!

'There was 3 in the bed and the little one said.....'

Shady hanging out with me as I have a coffee :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Training weave entries.....

I don't have to time for a written explanation with this vid,but have left the audio on as an explanation lol

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Agility show vids.....

My girls and me had a great time last Sunday at The Easter Celebration agility show.
Mookie had a clear for all 3 of her runs....what a good girl,she placed 4th,5th and 16th in her 3 classes,all of the classes had around 200 dogs in.
She is not as fit as she should/could be,so we could def have shaved a half a second of her times,and one of the jumping classes she was only .8 of a second behind the winner....this will be the year she gets out of grade 3 :)
She is so damned enjoyable to have at shows,she's non reactive...after having Shady behaving like a loonie around agility,I knew I would never let a dog of mine behave like that again!
Mookie is back with me full time for now again,we're back to training,and I want to get her superfit for this show season....her impending super fitness..combined with the new Ketchker turns we've been doing should shave off that little bt of time we need to move up. :)

Foof was incredible,no sign of the manic unfocussed little beast which I had a couple of months ago.
She ran 3 times,twice was lovely except for the weaves,but the other class she won...in style! Little canon ball that she is,she truely smashed that run....and I'd almost not run it,I was so cold by that point I was going to go home and miss that class.But we went in as the last dog to compete,and went straight into the lead!! :) Clever Piggy!!
I feel sorry for whoever was in the lead,to get right to the end thinking you were the winner,hear the call go out for 5 mins till they're closing the class...then to get beaten...and by a Pig!! hahaha

The first vid,is Dan running Foof in the jumping class.Its a crap video,cos I was trying to watch and film.

Second vid is Mookie in her jumping class which she got 5th in.Dan (my trainer) won it with his Collie Ditto.