Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Life's a beach.....

Haha,its not really the beach,its Hatfield Business park! I've been wanting to take some photos down there for months,its very nicely landscaped.

The 3 amigos!

Mookie posing.

Shady his coat makes him look like he's about 1 year old.I admit it,i am slightly obsessed with how his coat fell out after his neutering.
Its coming back now,its nearly there,but when I see photos like this,I realised how little coat he has these days!

Floozie,now aged 14 months.

Lots of fishies in the ponds.

A lesson in getting what you want...

I took Mookie and Shady to Becky's at the weekend.
We did a few jump grids with Shady,so interesting to see him say,'I don't understand how to make that jump at that distance'.Showing us by going around the last jump.
2 times going round,then he made it,and continued to jump nicely.:)
He had such a great time!

Shady giving Sixx a look which says 'hey girl,its my toy'.

So Sixx uses her feminine charms to get her own way lol.

'Hey,you're not that tough Shady!!'

'Hhhhhmmm,I think I'll just take that toy now,thank you very much!!'

A truce was called in the end :O)

Shady almost has his proper coat back,deep red and lots of black overlay.I've missed his lovely coat whilst it has been replaced by that horrible post neuter,dull,dry pale coat.

Sixx is starting to look more like a dog,and less like a puppy.

Mookie spent all her free time RUNNING!!!!!!!

The dream team....

I had to go pick the van up from its MOT,so decided to walk down there with the 'dream team'.That title leaves 'the nightmares' for Bug and Mindy lol.
I put Bug's harness on Shady as an experiment to see if he walked any nicer on a harness than a collar,which he did,so now I need to get him a harness.Not sure what colour to get him,think it will probably be purple or green.
We met some interesting people on the walk,including a 'behaviouist'.
Oh and this boy 'works' in the garage.

Shady is looking very scruffy.He's just about grown out the last of his post castrate horrible dry beige coat,but you can see some left at the top of hind legs,its HORRIBLE.
Next week I'll bath and blast him,and that should just about be the end of it.

The dream team :O)

Shady sporting his shorthaired look!

My beautiful,wonderful,naughty Floozie :O)

Mookie looking thoughtful.

We passed by the church which mum and dad were married in all those years ago.(they are looking at a Lab being walked on the other side of the road.)

After I got my van back I headed over to R+D's,and took Mookie in for a run around where none of my other dogs where trying to hunt her.
Poor R is sporting a bandage as she's had her swollen foot biopsied.

'Yuck,do you have to sniff me?'

'Seriously stop slobbering on me!!'


Spot the apple!


Coy Mookie.

Smiley Mookie :O)

Monday, 26 September 2011

More broken Floozie.

Poor Floozie was at the vets today.
She's always had pronounced glands underneath the back of her jaw,and I'd always just thought it was nothing out of the ordinary,but recently they'd been worrying me.
Not because they'd changed in any way,shape or form,but I thought it best to get them checked out.
The vet thinks its just her,but i asked for a fine needle aspiration just so I can (hopefully) put the terrifying thought of lymphoma to rest :O( I will be devestated if she has anything serious.
Fingers crossed it is nothing of concern.

On a positive note,there has been no sign of any more lameness and for the past few days I've been letting her be herslf at home,ie running up and down the stairs,leaping on and off the rabbit hutch by the back door as a protest for being shut outside like,well you know...a dog!
I've been walking her for up to an hour a day on lead,and the past few days on a flexi,so she has been doing a bit of running around.
Today she went off lead for about 4 minutes,and is fine :O)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Poor Flooz...

She's broken,well at least just a bit.
Last Friday after work,i was feeling lazy so played a game of fetch with Shady and Floozie at the kennels.I kinda know I shouldn't do that cos they are just too intense together,both desperate to get the ball before the other can.
I through the ball only about 20 times,took them home,no problem with either of them.
Next morning Flooz was a little bit lame on her right hind leg.I had a look and found a small almost healed cut on her foot,so put the lameness down to that.
I took her to Becky's with me,and she ran and played for about 2 hours at her field.
She was on 3 legs for some of the time,but thinking it was the cut,coupled with the fact that there is a lot of thistles in the field,i let her continue to play.
When i got home she was really lame,and I rechecked the foot,and realised the cut is on the left paw,and the problem was with the right :O( So angry with myself for not checking properley,and then letting her run on it.
She has not been lame since,but I have been completly paranoid that she has done her cruciate ligament.
Today (Wed) she's been seen by an osteopath who does not (yay) think it is her knee.He could find a problem with her psoas muscle,and she had tight hamstrings.He's worked on both problems,and I have to keep her on lead this week,starting letting her off next for just a few minutes at a time.
Fingers crossed she'll be fixed soon.I really love that little girl.:O)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Foofie at Dogs in Need.

These pics are from Dogs in Need,I have so many photos to post that I've been ignoring them all together!
I'll just start with posting these of Floozie Doozie.I bought her a new toy,a flufy 'tail' with a ball on it.
Yep it lasted about 3 minutes!

Erm Foof,you have a little something on your teeth!

Tugging mad this girl :)

We ended up playing with just half a tennis ball:O)

A tired Floozie is a good Floozie :O)