Wednesday, 30 October 2013


We mostly played ball,walked,worked and Mookie got to a meet a hunk of a SBT!

This is Lenny Pig!This photo,I just love it,its the exact type of photo I love,and I've been trying to take for I finally managed it,but I have no idea how hahahahhaha

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Beautiful day...but crappy pics ...

Before work this morning I took Shadders,Mook and Foofle for a good blast over by the kennels.I love these cool,crisp mornings,dew all over the floor which brings the dogs up sparkling after they've run in it too :)
I took a chuckit ball for Foof,a tug-e-nuff tug and ball for Shadders,and I kept chasing Mookie around pretending to try and catch her,which she loves and she runs her little heart out!
We all had such a laugh!

Mooks beat Shadders to the toy and went off laughing her head off doing huge circles in the field with him in hot pursuit hehehehe.

Surely this is the best way to start your day?!

After our run we went to work at my mum's,and found their 'cousin' Taz the Min Pin there with my niece :)

 After work I left the 3 at mum's and went and took B out for a ride whist I went to get a new stereo fitted int he van at Halfords.Mr B came into Halfords for a mooch round with me,and got a fuss from a couple of people :)Then we went for a walk too.

Mr B posing on some ruins.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Unexpected day off :)

We've had a gale,I encountered this on the way to groom dogs at the kennels,although this tree wasn't responsible for my day off,most likely some fallen tree/s somewhere were,the power was out at the kennels.
That meant the 3 dogs I was supposed to groom this morning,couldn't be groomed.....time off is always seen by me as a good thing!
So we took the dogs for a rampage,they,especially Mookie was extra wild because of the wind,and they ran miles :)
After that I took my favourite boy from the kennels out for an extra long walk,doing my good deed for the day :)

(Crappy phone pics)

Tree down!

A brief...and enforced bit of calm during the run!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Boys,boys boys....

I had a whole day of just B and Me on Thurs.I took him over to Rosie and Dylan's and he had a laugh,winding Dylan up,then getting out of his way before he had a chance to get him hehehe Bug really knows how to love life,we could all take a lesson from him :)

Def not Bug's best angle for a shot!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mookie in the Middle.....

Mookie has it tough,oh yes she does.Its always hard being the middle child (ask my poor sister!),and ecspecially for Mookie who is sandwiched between two BIG personalities!
So starting a couple of weeks ago,we're having some special 'Mookie in the middle' time,just me and her or Pete doing what she loves best.
Probably her favourite thing is running,so she gets to go running with Pete and they've been doing about 4 or 5 miles every other day,of course she's also getting her runs off lead as usual,but I have been being 100% not letting the others chase her.Poor Mookie always gets saddled with being the prey when the three (or even with Bug) run together.
She's also been going to Partners Pet shop more,spot her in the photo below,checking under the shelves for fallen treats.
She get thorougly spoilt by the management in there!

I've begun teaching the dogs to blow bubbles in water.Its so funny seeing the difference in them,and their training history.
Shady....small steps as he was never shaped to do anything until he was 5 years old,so just getting him to put his face inside the bowl for the first session.
Floozie,was convinced it had something to do with her feet......lesson learnt...don't use a full bowl of water with Floozie.She gets easily frustrated,but works well through the frustration,as she is an old hand at shaping.She gets absolutly wired when training,any training lol.She was touching the water with her face after the first session.
Mookie,she just comes in very excited,but thinking hard,and progressed the quickest out of the 3 dogs.I seem to forget just how smart Mookie is!

Its funny how I have different expectations with each dog.With Shady I am grateful for any small step/achievement,as when I didn't know enough about clicker training,and was expecting too much from him,we would just sit and stare at each other for what seemed like ages! lol I notice in life mothers seem to have lower expectations from their sons than they do their daughters,and make more allowances for their sons too....are women genetically predisposed to do this?? lol.

Floozie I push and push,raising my criteria very quickly.This may explain some of her frustration,but she easily achieves more,so I don't know,I think she's just impatient like me!
Mookie is somewhere between the usual,poor Mookie in the Middle!

 I had a morning off as I was waiting in for my first delivery of Honey's Real dog food.I've ordered a months worth.Its a pre made raw diet.
After Shady's lymphoma scare I have decided to go raw with all 3 dogs,and this is the food Richard Allport recommended.
Mookie is such an old bag,she spent a bit of time this morning guarding the empty boxes which it was delivered in....she's trouble! lol.
I'm really looking forward to seeing if and what the changes are in the dogs from their new diet :)

It is typical that after I decided it wasn't a nice enough day to bother with taking my good camera out,then sun came out and it was beautiful up there!

Happy doggies :)
Oh and the book/reading habit is getting out of hand!Damn you Amazon with your one click shopping!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Stranger in the camp.....

I need a Puggle!!!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Life seems to be in rewind lately,rediscovering things I used to love doing,like reading.
I used to read ALL the time.I remember as a child in bed I'd read with a torch,if I heard my parents coming upstairs,I'd run to the bathroom and pretend to be using the loo,whilst really I was hiding my book,and torch in amongst all the blankets and sheets in the airing cupboard lol.
I read so much during my junior school days,that my favourite teacher nicknamed me 'Spud Blyton',as a reference to my Irish background,and the fact that I was constantly reading Enid Blyton books.
I read them all I think,Famous Five....of course...also The Secret Seven,Mallory Towers,The Naughtiest Girl,and The Faraway Tree..with its Topsy turvy and other worlds,I couldn't get enough of her books.
As I got older I turned to only reading reference type books,always about dogs,and gave up on fiction altogether.
Then I got into magazines,and that was about all the reading I did,then of course came the internet,and that finished it between me and reading altogether!

My sister still reads alot,so I thought I'd borrow a fiction novel she was reading,it was the first in a series of 5.I demolished it in a couple of days.Reading all about the lives of people I would never know,but came to care about reignited my passion for reading,I finished book 2 (here top left) and am impatiently awaiting the 3rd book!! 
I also ordered a few books on line,which rather ridiculously I hadn't really done before,or done at all,I'm not sure now?? Amazon,how did I not realise what you had,and for such a low price.
I seem to have gone down the rescue,or APBT books so far,found the Lost Dogs interesting and honest.Wasn't so keen on the Oogy book sadly,but I'm glad to read he's with a family who will love him till the end,Walking Ollie,was just a quick read which I picked up from a charity shop for a pound.
At the moment I am reading 'The Possibilty Dogs' by Susan Charleson,and I LOVE it.I find it absolutly fascinating,and have another of her books 'Scent of the missing' waiting in the wings for me when I finish the Possibilty Dogs tonight.
Next up after that I'll have 'Wallace' to read,which I hope to love too,poor Wallace lost his fight and passed a short while ago,but Jesus did that dog make an impact!

I am going to have order some more books,I am starting to think I'm going to run out of things to read...and it makes me feel a little sad lol! I love that randomly throughout the day I'll suddenly remember what I have to read when I get home,and it makes me smile,and reading is SO cheap too....thank you Amazon for used books which cost next to nothing but are perfectly good!

So this selection has kept/will keep me busy for a couple of weeks....and I have a nice big wish list on Amazon to order next.It feels really good to get back to reading,I can't believe I stopped for so long!

My Heather Galler prints are finally framed and on the wall. :)