Monday, 21 January 2013


Found a way to make the snow dogs photos a bit more fun today :)
The dogs had great fun catching snowballs!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow vid...

I couldn't be bothered to carry my camera up the hills with me today,so took my video camera instead.The dogs had a great time charging around as usual,and this vid in years to come,when they're older and slower,will make me smile :)

We also had a little play session in the garden....I just love this weather,clean dogs ALL the time :)

Kick it!!!



Snoozie Floozie :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

More snow.....and rare breeds.....

We have quite a few of the rarer KC reg breeds in at the kennels at the moment.So I'm getting pics for my project.
This boy,Zakkie,is a rare breed...any guesses? (Answer 2 pics down)

(He's a Black Russian Terrier,and I tell you what,he is not a dog you take liberties with!)

This is Jasper (carrott cos he's a red head lol!) He's an eight month old Irish Setter.Very typical of the breed,happy,out going,extrovert,and he loves the other dogs :)
On Monday I'll get pics of Martha and Charlie,who are a Wire Haired Vizsla,and a Pointer.we were saying at the kennels the other day how the Pointer (English) seems to have fallen out of favour,and the Germans taken over.

Why the long face Jasper?! haha

I had to get a colleague to restrain him for pics lol.

'Wwwhhhaaaa get off me!!'

 Lenny is still with us :( I make certain we do a good walk (cycling is out in this weather!),some playing and some kissin and a huggin every day that I'm at work :)

'Stop kissing me in front of everyone're embarrassing me!!'

Love him :)

Vampire Foofie!!

Womble nose!!

Uh oh Shadders....u about to loose your sticky!

Mookie is alot less forceful than the Foof.

But she knows how to get what she all the girls in this family ;)

And she is off and running!

Mookie is bait!

'I know that bitch is behind me....but she's not having my stick!!'

Foofle having evil thoughts of beating up her brother to steal his stick!

'I'm only not mugging you  because mum is watching boy!'

SO happy in the snow! 

The kennel lane,we don't get many people venturing down the lanes in this weather so get to have the place to other dog walkers,runners,horse riders,cyclists etc......its ours,all ours bwahahaha!

Shady thinks we should have snow every single day :)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

We like to move it,move it............

Photos from this mornings run :) We were only out for around 45 mins,but the dogs had a good run,met a Border Collie,and I got some photos :)

Mookie is wearing the recently refound Dogs Trust  bandana.The Dogs Trust is a huge rescue organisation here in the UK,and its where Mookie came from,she was born at one of their centres.

See this cute photo? See how the Foof has her eye on something?Well yeah it was my glove,which I was foolishly teasing her with to get a photo of her jumping.I got more than I bargained for,she jumped up,smashed into the camera and nearly gave me a black eye lmao!

Yeah this hurt..............quite a lot!!

Shadders loves to eat the snow :)

Eeeewww Shadders drooling!

I can't wait till the better weather and lighter nights come.It is going to be fantastic to be able to take the dogs up there for a run when I arrive home from work.