Sunday, 11 November 2012


Just a couple more pics,the 2 with the Foof were taken at training eve focussing on propreoception.

The Foof doesn't really need to do specific propreoception exercises,her whole life is a giant propreoception exercise.I don't think I've ever come across a dog so naturally aware of their body,and how to balance,and or manipulate their body or their environment to their advantage!

Also...I really should have got a flinger years ago,I just took Mindy and Mookie out with it today,so that Mookie could get to play without Shady or Floozie muscling in!
Mindy today got the game too and was loving it.

I think I finally found mine and Mookie's thing.She likes training,and she likes agility,but her true love is simply RUNNING!!!

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Guess who wasn't chasing the ball? lol.

Ever since I've split up with Pete,and taken over the job of sole owner to my dogs I've often felt like I was somehow short changing them of enough exercise.Its ridiculous,they all go for a run each day,they are free to be in the grooming room,or play in the garden as I work,and they go to either agility twice a week,or flyball,they are hardly underexercised dogs.
But having felt a bit bogged down by the guilt,and having taken on more work,I needed a plan to condense the time needed to exercise them,and make the state of my mental health better lol,knowing that they were physically satisfied.

What really made me think about it recently,was coming home from my army training exercise class on Thurs eve,I was buzzing,feeling so great about the hard work out I'd just had,and I thought it must be how the dogs feel when they've had a good blast.
So today during lunch I nipped to a local and pretty crappy pet shop and bought a ball flinger.
I've always shied away from using them,just imagining how easy it would be for me to break the dogs having them skidding about to fetch the ball.
I had half an hour,an empty field and 4 energetic dogs,I let them do a couple of laps of the field to warm up them I started flinging like my life depended on it haha.
they loved it,and apart from having to remind Floozie that if someone else beats her to the ball,she is NOT allowed to mug them to get it,we had a great time :)
I mainly flung into long grass or the edge of bushes so they slowed before they got to the ball to minimize slipping and twisting,so they got the added bonus of having to search for it too.
We did go through 2 of the crappy tennis balls which came with it,so I'm going to have to find some different balls to use.I had bought 3 planning to letting the 3 ball mad dogs have an individual ball to chase,but ended up finishing 2 of completely.
Then I took everyone back to the kennels as I worked the afternoon,and I now have 4 lovely tired doggies,and that make me happy :)

Friday, 9 November 2012

Just photos.


Mindy found some more Christmas!!

'Um I'm trying to sleep here!'

Ted a 7 month old Cockerpoo came for his 2nd haircut,I love the way people at home trim one eye then chicken out cos its all too much of a trauma for them!

Mookie giving Ted a lesson in respect.Ted is actually a great,and very appropriate puppy :) really nice dog,fun but not overbearing or spoilt.

Mookie has a sad cos Shadders has the ball :(


Mooks still trying to figure out how to get the ball.

'I'll bark in your ear then1'

Whilst the others were playing outside,and trying to get me to throw there ball,poor Foof was experiencing near death coldness.She stayed inside huddled in an open cage trying to fit in the little sunny spot!!

'HAHAA I gots the ball,and my brother wants it :)'

Love her face here.............'throw it throw it throw it!!'

Lots of throw it staring going on with the Mooks,think that's from her Collie side.