Monday, 29 August 2011

Agility results...

Mooks and me have been to a lot of shows this last couple of weeks.
We had the International Festival,followed by Dogs in Need,and then the Summer show at Ely.
We've been getting at least one clear per day,and on the other runs I generally make one stupid handling error,something I could do easily,but just screw up on the day lol.

Still we've managed several top ten places,and this weekend we even managed a 2nd in Malcolm Jones grade 3 agilty.I really liked the look of the course when I walked it,it obviously suited me and Mookie.
It was the first run of the day,and I felt like we'd really done well.I didn't go and check my time or place,I never do,and later someone went and checked for me.They came back and told me I wasn't even in the places,and that they were 6th.
I admit to feeling pretty dispondant after that.I couldn't even get a place in grade 3 with wwhat i felt like had been a good run?:O(
I was leaving,drove over to use the toilet before I left,and as I walked back out I heard my name in 2nd over the tannoy! :O) I went home with a really big smile on my face!

Tia and ??????

Its been some months since little Pinky died,and I'd been thinking about getting a new Ferret.
I really wanted a rescue who had to live alone,as we only have the little 'Pinky hutch' for the new addition to live in.
However fate took a hand in it,and we now have two 5ish month old silver jill kits :O)
They are 'second hand',but being as they're a pair,they will need a bigger home,and quick!
They are very sweet,act tough and bite,but very gently,just exploring with their mouths..and not their teeth thankfully,and they are SOOO playful.I secretly think Bobcat would rather go and live with them,they are much more fun than Elric and the Poley sisters!

The problem is..I cannot think of names for them!

I 'think' the little one might end up named Tia,which is odd because I don't usually like to use a name if I already know something/someone named it,and I know several Tia's,but she's tiny and Tiny Tia just kinda sounds right.

The dog days of summer....

I've been trying to make the most of the last of the summer evenings,I'm going to miss them when they're gone,and the nights are really starting to arrive earlier and earlier.

Floozie looks huge here,but she's actually a good couple of inches shorter than Mooks,but weighs more now,she's like a little tank.

Poor Mindy still has to stay on the lead,per the foster agreement.I would LOVE to watch her run loose,her acceleration is phenomenal,like a Greyhound!

Mookie is absoutely in her element out here,running non stop,and scaring up some bunnies.

Typical summers evening.

Last shot of the walk,2 very hot girls!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

3 generations of pretty :O)

These 3 are (l to r) Mitsy,(grandaughter) Maisy (mum) and Tansy (grandma).They belong to my friend from agility Louise.I just love some of the shots I got of these girls,they were the first I edited on my new laptop,which means I finally have photoshop....about 20 years behind everyone else lol.

F E T C H !

I love this shot of them all on the bridge,I wish I had made the effort to photograph my girls on there,such a pretty background.

Beautiful Maisy :O)

Tansy although being elderley,is fearless.She gave me and Louise a heart attack jumping off the top of the horse jump which was around 6 feet high!

She still gets the toy first sometimes too.

Still plenty of tug left in her too :O)

Little Mitsy is SO cute!!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Double trouble!

I really enjoy shows at this venue,they have a horses cross country course as the exercise area so the dogs can have a really good run,and even a paddle in the water jump.

Foofie fathead..

The girls remain good friends and enjoy playing together still,long may it remain so!

The jumps on the horses cross country course were so imiganitive,this turte was my favourite :O)

This one ws a cart.

We waited for about 10 mins so we could have the water jump to ourselves to play in.Sadly the only thing we could find to play fetch with was a crab apple!

Apperently it didn't taste too good!

'Come on,throw it!'

They're being circled by Collies!

Collie crew..

The Collies decided to come over and say hello,my girls weren't interested in them as you can see in this pic.

They had a very brief meeting but none of them were particuarly interested in the other,and bith groups went back to what they were doing.