Friday, 27 April 2012

Mobile uploads....

Its been too wet to take my good camera anywhere this week,so I've just got a few quick snaps taken with my phone. Thurs evening Pete and I took the 'Dream Team' out for a nice wander round in the sunshine.We were just like 'normal' owners,we stop and chatted to loads of people,some we knew,some we didn't.The dogs got to say hi to several dogs whilst on the lead,and we bumped into a neighbour and her 6 month old Collie pup 'Compton'.
Such a handsome little boy!!
Poor Delta!
The very handsome 'Dew'.
I have a mean streak at the moment,taking photos of poor tortured dogs in the bath!
Snoozie Floozie,I can never normally get a photo of my dogs sleeping,they've always got an eye on me in case I get up to something exciting without them!!
Mr B Buggle 'helping' me as I groom a BMD.
Skyla the little Pom x Chi is around 5 months old now and is a wicked little dog,so very trainable.
Dylan is looking really ropey lately :(
Tommorow I'm running Mookie at a show,then Sun I've got 2 workshops,and depending on how far apart they are time wise,I might be able to nip round the corner and also run a class or 2 at the show,as I'm double booked on Sun.Its meant to be raining all day on Sun,oh suprise suprise!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pastures new.......

We've been having non stop rain for the past week or so (Though it seems like months!)and my lesson with Dave at Dan's had to be cancelled because of the state of the field. So trying to still have somewhere to train me and Becky hired out the agility equipment at Little Revel end,it is a lovely little arena,with astro turf,so NO MUD yay!! We weren't as organised as we could have been,but next time will have more of a plan. I was happy to find a set of new spaced channel weaves,Flooz really liked the new spacing,and I think she's practically got it :) I def need to do LOTS of work with entries,and from watching this vid,also her focusing on the piece of equipment before I release her,I've forgotten to do that lately. I was pleased with how she did :)

Long time no post...

there's not been a whole lot a blogging going on lately,I've been so busy,its really been non stop around here lately. These photos have been waiting to be blogged since last weekend when there was a brief break in the non stop rain we've been having lately. So after grooming at the kennels I took the dogs for a run...well a run...and a TUG!!! Floozie and Shady are both equally possessive and intense,so this needs to be policed quite strictly lol.
'Throw the toy!!'
Shady is SUCH a happy dog :)
My naughty girls :)
Give these 2 a toy,and its tugging wars!!
They're off...
Lol Shady is just a blur!
Lol typical end result,Shady lying down with the toy,Floozie grazing,and Mookie still running!!
I love this next photo,they love to chase Mookie,but I have to make sure it doesn't get out of hand,as if allowed shady and Flooz will go to the next part of the hunting chain of behaviours o:{
Poor Mookie is always the prey in these games!
Mookie's so funny,all hell was letting loose with Shady and Floozie tugginh,she's just in the background grazing lol.
Girls in sync crossing the car park.
Little Skyla,the 'Pomchi' is around 5 months old now,she's a great little dog,full of character,and go. Of course the Pointy face makes her very appealing to me!
She's going through the exact same coat changes that Shady did,and she'll end up really black like him :)
The car park for the new 'Heartwood Forest has opened now,the entrance to the drive for it is directly opposite the end of the lane.I need to remember to get up there more often,its not every day the largest new native forest in England opens on your doorstep!
I am loving skies lately,probably cos we're not getting to see much blue lately :(

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Spring at Shuttleworth vids....

First run of the day was an agility class.I wanted more than anything to sort out her contacts,which are wonderful in training but I loose my criteria in shows cos I PANIC!!! Which is a left over emotion from when Shady lost his contacts lol. With Mookie I have released before she's in position at shows,which is why she creeps down in to position as she is not sure what the hell I want from her!!Poor girl! So she did that on the Aframe,but I was ready for it,I told her to get right down,and when she did told her what a wonderful clever girl she is,and she did the next 2 perfect :) I see from this vid I am being FAR too choppy with my arms,its meant to look like ballet,not karate!! I am seemingly a karate expert!That probably explains why Mookie had the 3rd pole down,and I release off body movement at the same time as the verbal release que which is NO GOOD,'STOP IT NICOLA!!!' haha Other than that,I did alright :) We went straight from our agility run and got in the que for the next class,I love having 3 runs in the morning,lol it doesn't often happen that way! I'm so pleased I got to watch these vids,I see plenty to work on.This vid in particular shows that as Mookie turns wide she looses time. The right turn after the weaves show how she's jumping the jump bar at the very left hand side of it,to get the best time I need to have her jumping the bar on the tightest line,which on this turn would be wrapping the right hand wing as she turns. Also I have to be careful at the end of the course,I am telling her she's good,and clapping her before she has crossed the line,that means I m not driving her as much as I could over that last jump,and when I'm running Shady and Floozie,that will probably cause a jump to come down. This jumping run was the last run of the day,we got a 4th in here.Sloppy turns are my nemesis,and where we loose a lot of time. I'm a working on it :) I also think Mookie could be fitter,so I need to make sure she gets to have a good sprint every day,Mookie gets the worst deal when it comes to free running as she is such a hunter,so I have to keep on top of her the whole time if we're in or near a wooded area.But I shall actively seek out better places to run the little huntress! Can't wait for my next show :)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Spring at Shuttleworth...

Spring at shuttleworth was the show we were at today.We had a wicked time,but I am too tired too write about it since I soent nearly an hour upoading pics for this post,so it'll be vids and write up tommorow,but here's Mook with what she won :)
My beautiful boy :)
Shady in some sunshine,with the huge manor house in the background.
After her last run I took her to the exercise area for half hour,she had a great run round,and made lots of friends :)
2 Spaniels befriended the Mooks.
Time to go their seperate ways.
Another Lurcher which took a fancy to Mook.
Mookie loves to run with her toy,or without actually she's not fussy!!Note how clean and nice thi brand new toy is here,it god 'Shady'd later and looks about ten years old!
Mooks is such a happy girl :)
Moody sky!Plus Mookie picked up a stalker!
He's behind you!
Mookie's very attractive stalker!
We bumped into a Terv girl who came in my puppy class back when I helped out training puppies :) Foxy was a bit shy at first.
But she wanted to check him out really,went straight in for a sniff when he looked the other way hehe.
Look at him,cute little baby!
Then we tugged for about half an hour,I was using him to keep me warm!
We got to see some of Shady's relatives,this is his litter sister.These 2 were always like 2 peas in a pod!
The beautiful Dusk (Shady's niece),fantastic baby!This is not a flattering photo,but sadly its the best I managed.
Shady posing with one of his nephews :)Gorgeous puppies,wonderful temperaments,bold and outgoing.
I love this photo,doesn't it look like a beautiful hot day?Well it was NOT,it was windy and cold and the sun kept coming out to show us how lovely it would be were it out,then just as quickly it would disapear!
With getting Mookie fitter in mind,I stopped on the way home and ran them for half hour :)
These 2 are always up to something together!
Once home I had to look at the sad Mr B looking out for his daddy..
'What you lookin' at?!'