Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Summer lovin...or lovin summer!

Lots going on...but not a lot of time to blog about it,so here's a few pics.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Fun day....

We all had fun today...and I have photos to prove it...only I don't have the energy to post them,so here's one from the end of the fun ;)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Feeling and looking good...

My boy continues to look and act as though he is feeling great :)
I had a day off yesterday,and the dogs had a very important job to do,for a good friend who owns a Partners Pet store......testing,or battle testing as I like to call it,a Kong Squeeze Stick.

They tugged with each other with it,they tugged with us with it,we threw it,we stamped on it,hid it in the long wet grass,and it still came home after half an hours abuse looking the same as it did when we got it (except for a few teeth marks),and still squeaked....we approve :) 
Pete had already taken Bug and Mookie out for a run with it,and let them beat it up too.

Just love this dog!

KONG® Squeezz Stick Dog Toy - PetSmart
Nice work Kong Squeeze...you made it ;)

Happy and hot Piggy!


A Piggy and a Pointy!

'Die squeeze die!!'

Shady thought Foof was coming up on his left hand side to steal it..notice the head turn lol....I would NOT like to be on the other end of a game of tug with her with my teeth and head!Sometimes I think Shady is going to end up with shaken baby syndrome!

Love his face here,its SO him,he loves to shove the toy and himself between your legs lol.

Shadders coming in for the steal!

Do a little dance!

Slobbery face from the tugging and running :)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Almost wordless weekend....

Shady continues to behave and look absolutely normal,fit and well.....and so we continue to live it up :)

The scene which greets me at the top of my stairs after a brief time outside :)

The Misfits :)

Three... THROW IT!!!!!!!! faces :)

'Hhhhmmmm what shall I chose?'
Crappy phone pic of everyone back together.
5 in the back,and the Newfies in front of them,this van has made my life SO much easier!