Saturday, 30 June 2012


Sadly I gave up on Mindy's flyball training,the club began training outside,in an 'unsecured' area,which per the foster agreement,Mindy is not allowed off the lead in :(  Had she been really into it,I would maybe have pursued her being allowed off lead more with the rescue,but although with hard work I could have succeeded,honestly I didn't have the inclination,so I've gone to plan b,which is Shady.
I knew he'd do the jumps no problem,chase me for a tug no problem,and have lots of drive for the tennis ball,what I was worried about was that he'd be able to catch the bloody thing!! haha Catching is not his strong point!!
I needn't have worried,the box doesn't 'fling' the ball,the dog kinda releases and takes hold of the ball at the same time,it doesn't fly at all lol.
Shady just had the best time,and I did it too,it was so great to be working him again,he just simply loves to work,he is a working machine :)
I can't wait for our next lesson!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bug is not indestructable after all :(

Poor old B,he's still lame.
He went in for xrays on Tues,the good news is that his knees look fine.But what they did find is Spodylosis in his pelvis,and mild hip dysplasia in his left hip.
Both these things are possibly,but also possibly not responsible for his lameness,and my gut feeling is that neither is.
The xrays have been sent off to an orthopedic specialist to review,and we'll make our next move assuming he's still lame,when we have their opinion on the xrays.
In the meantime he is on Rymadil and rest.There is an improvement,but not as much as I'd hoped for,and I can't get in to the osteopath till next Fri,I have a feeling he's going to find something else causing it.
We'll just have to wait and see,and spoil Bug.

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Feeling a bit sorry for myself here tonight.
You may have noticed there has been an absence of Bug photos lately.He has been lame for a few days,so has been rested.
He's been to the vets today,they are thinking it might be his knee,he's going in for xrays on Tuesdays :( Poor B,he's not very happy about being rested,he probably wonders why he's been crated for the first time in about 3 years.
I just need to find out what's going on,and then I can get to dealing with it.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

More Heartwood Forest...

Yesterday morning I got up bright and early and took the girls for a run for about 45 mins,poor Bug is lame so he's on house arrest,and then in the afternoon Shady and I went out for a run with Sheren and the Collies.
I have spent ages uploading all the pics and I want to go to bed,so I'm afraid there's not much by way off funny captions.

We had a lovely time,Shady is SUCH a good boy.I am going to make sure a few times a week I take him somewhere were there are lots of dogs,he really enjoys meeting new dogs,and when I have more than 2 dogs I don't go where I am likely to meet other off lead dogs,well aside from agility show exercise areas,but that's different.

I go a ton of photos,I took 319 in just an hour and a half,but I haven't posted them all here!

Very friendly,but kinda in your face Staffie!

I couldn't get a photo of this cute little Collie's face,I love the mostly white Collies.

Shady says..'I'm ignoring you till you calm down Staffie!'

Baby fluffy GSD!

I wanted to steal this puppy....SBT x Collie,like a baby Mookie.

Shady's bored and leaves the group.

Little Kalli,so cute!

The red background is so vivid!

Sheren and her Collies.

Me and my boy :) 

Very dignified Kai.

Little savage....look at her teeth! :)

Whilst I was taking the last photo I saw Sheren sneak up behind me like this.....she says she was doing it to get the dogs attention....she looked more like she was about to strangle me! The more worrying thing was how happy she was thinking about doing it!!

Gentle Shady :)

'Oh hi!'

Lookit my handsome baby :)

Last year there were a lot more corn flowers mixed in with the poppys and daisys,there is just a handful this year.They're the blue ones.

It is just SO pretty here!

Little herdy girl :)

I tried out some new setting,these were taken with the camera set for cloudy conditions,which was what we were having by the end of the walk.

Look at his happy engaged expression.....just about sums him up entirely :)

Wet Kai.

The car parks are surrounded by flowers too :)

Everybody back in the van,ready to head for home :)