Monday, 20 August 2012

I'm a bad blogger.......

Its been ages since I wrote last,but so much has been going on I just haven't had time.
So I'll just quickly post Floozie's first clear round vid :)

I have a ton of photos to upload,but having just moved home to momma's,ala into a 1970's time warp with no internet,I am a waiting the web to reach me there,so it may be a few days till I can post them here,then it will be back to usual :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Summer lovin'....or lovin' summer!

I have had no time at all for blogging lately.
Since I split up with Pete,I have a new found enthusiasm for everything,and have been busy,busy,busy.
I'm really trying to make the most of summer,even though the weather hasn't been great.
Its the hours of daylight I'm trying to cherish,they'll soon be gone.

I've been running the 4 dogs each morning,practicing flyball with Shady,he's really coming along good with my little ghetto set up lol.
Mooks me and Flooz have been agility-ing,and we have a show the weekend after next,which I am SOOO excited about....Floozie's 4th first show,lets hope we actually get to compete this time.:~

Poor B continues to be mildly lame,only for the first few steps upon waking,or being inactive,we are waiting for an appointment with an orthopedic specialist now.He's having 2 x 20 mins walks per day,but I feel sad that he's unable to play the days away with Mindy likes he did the last 2 summers :(

So the more I have to do in real life,the less I spend on the computer,which I can only think is a good thing.....I try and live by the rule of wether or not something would bother me on my death bed......I'm quite certain as I lay there taking my last breaths I won't be thinking 'Damn,I really wish I spent more time sitting inside on my computer'!! ;)