Monday, 30 September 2013


I made it to the end of the summer,woop woop!! I have never worked so much,and I felt totally trapped,knowing there was an end in sight,but not feeling like I'd really get to it.
So now I have just had 3 days a row lol,it was like a fricken holiday.

Blue skies make me feel free too,and I had some of those today too,so I grabbed my camera,the 3 amigos,and some snacks and went out for a good long walk,to a little treasure I found last week.
At the top of 'the hills' the walk which is right by my flat...there is a path of to the right which winds through woods,but which I hardly ever go in because to Mookie woods = try and find things to kill,and I have to nag her alot to not go off hunting,which obviously no one enjoys.

So before climbing the hill I went through the hedge to find some farmland,which has been harvested,and the one field goes for miles!! I'll clock how far it is in the van tommorow.
I spent a couple of hours,with no agenda,just walking,and hanging around,no time to be back,no deadline to meet....heaven.

The very handy thing about it is the edge of the field is fenced from the woods,so I didn't have to worry about what Mooks was up to,well aside from one small area,but Mooks had run so much by then she didn't feel like hunting.
Mookie spent the time running her heart out...which is truely her favourite thing to do,Shadders kept bringing me things to hide,tug or throw for him,and Foof alternated between chasing Mooks,trying to rob shady of whatever he had,and tugging with her lead with me.
It was just a good old fashioned dog walk,nothing fancy,but we all needed it,and loved it :)

My new walk,just a 1 minute walk from my perfect is this?

The  amigos :) Mookie looking totured lol

When he's hot he likes to roll around on the floor??

How happy does this dog look? You know why?Cos I had the bit of crisp packet he'd found and then given me in my hand.

'My God crisp bags are SOO fun!!'

'Where'd you go crisp bag?'

'Hey,there you are !!'

'Here you are mum'

I love my crisp packet!

'Loch Ness Mookie!'

Shady's other prize of the walk....a manky old footie boot!!

'Chair in a tree?' This could be a nice reading spot.

 Shady was SO happy with his footie boot.....I may donate a pair of mine to him lol.

On the way home.

We were briefly joined by another blue in the distance.