Saturday, 12 April 2014


Woohoo I ran 10k today....and I found it fun! Who'da thunk it?!

Its really nice to be able to let the dogs say hello to the other dogs at canicross,where generally the dogs are not as wired as at agility shows,so happier to mix.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Fun Saturday...

Today was more running,I even got Pete to come along,he ran Mookie :)

My canix team :)
Reunited with their old friend :)
I just LOVE this photo...I must must must get out with my proper camera!
Such a beautiful girl :)
I love seeing all the dogs excited to run :)
Another run finished!
Headed home :)
After our run we had a couple of dogs to groom,and Floozie the disgusting creature got another bath because she rolled in fox poo when we took them for an off lead walk/run after canix...smelly little moo!
We ran the beginners run again today,5.5k,but the next time I run with them I'm gonna join into the 'normal' run,which is anywhere from 7 to 10k,I'm excited to do it,anything more than 7k will be as far as I've ever run in my life :) Plus the dogs will love it!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pretty Princess Skyla...

If I were to have a small dog..I'd love it to be this little girl :) She belongs to someone who works at the kennels,and is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua,though they must have both been oversized as Skyla is much bigger than either breed.
She is full of energy and attitude,a proper little bitch :) and is very pretty to go with it!

The three little staff dogs share a pen in the staff room....Taz has muscled right on in,and just loves his bitches!

Shady is keeping me company tonight as I'm not feeling great :( Had a sore throat all day,I guess its about time I caught someone's cold...I've missed most of them lately!I hope I feel better tommorow I want to go running in the morning,then Regiment after work.

Shady can hear somebody messing around outside the house here,he's got his serious face on lol.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Can't stop running????

Lol well that is a bit of an exageration,but Pete,me,Mookie,Shady and The Foof went canixing last night after work.
I feel so happy right now,Pete says the same :) The house is becoming a place we look forward to coming home to...for the first time ever really.Its clean empty of all the crap which was hanging around,and a relaxing place to be.
I didn't realise how much I missed the garden whilst I was living in the flat.Sure I had a little garden with the flat,but not one I could just leave the door open to,as next door's alley way passed through it.
Mookie in particular loves to be outside patrolling around.
We're also enjoying the dogs like in the way we did before we became 'over dogged' and it became like a job.5 dogs is not over dogged to many people,and really it wasn't as much the number of dogs,but the type we have too.
I always hold myself up to very high standards with the dogs.Because of the breed/way they look I feel they cannot ever put a foot wrong,they are actually all sociable and mix with hundreds off dogs without incident,but always in the back of my mind is that if someone else's dog came and started a fight and mine defended themselves that I and my dogs would end up with the blame :( So I stopped going to my local parks,stopped walking everybody at once (unless on lead round the streets so as not to meet off lead dogs) and everything just became a bit of a mission.
Last night after work Pete came with us canixing,and we didn't care what time we came home.We obviously were both depressed in our own way when we were together last time.We stopped doing things together which made us happy,and both started out individually down seperate roads.
When we were first together we always used to go here there and everywhere with our then dogs Minstrel and Boo.We used to go out walking down the river till 9 or 10 in the summer,we made the most out of every minute of daylight in the summer :) We also used to drive most weekends into London with the dogs...I know most people drive out of the city at the weekends lol,but we used to love going to Hampstead Heath,which is a huge park in a very affluent area of London,and can barely be beaten for dog watching! All sort of rare breeds and mixes to be seen exercising there!A huge park with the back drop of the city Canary Wharf etc in the background,we used to spend hours there! All day some fact I'm going to find our next free weekend and we're gonna go again!
So Mindy the foster we had for 2 and a half years found a home,so we were back to 4 dogs,and now we've found a love for canixing,which we can do together and results in tired calm doggies everywhere I think we are truely back on track :) It just took us many years and the perspective you get from distance to figure it all out!

We ran just under 5k last night,the light beat us.Its not far,but as its a very hilly route (a half hour drive from home) and the dogs pull in harness nearly the whole time,they had a great work too.

Starting out..Pete had Mookie.
What a great place to end the day at! Good for your soul :)
Handy trough for a water stop en route.
Posing at the end of the run,it was really pretty dark,but I edited the pic so I could see it!The hills in the background were part of the run.

No running today,well only as part of the Regiment session we'll be doing tonight.Rest day for the dogs,they'll just come to work with me and mess around in the garden all day whilst I'm working hard to earn money to keep them in the style they are accustomed too lol.
I've ordered 2 new canix harnesses for the girls so they aren't running in regular harnessess,and an extra running line too.Just waiting to hear back from the supplier for the size to buy Shady one...hope they are here by the weekend :)