Monday, 20 January 2014

Just more photos...

It was such a beautiful morning this morning.Frosty,foggy and peaceful :)

I love Foof's little feet here!

Make yourself at home Mr B!
Frosty butts!

Old man Tazzie stays with me a few days a week now,its nice to get to know him a bit better :)

Mr B on the scrounge.

Mookie attached to the trixie dog attachment,we love putting the mile in with this.

'I'm sitting on my little sister' lols.


 Like everything else to do with technology,I am years behind everybody else,but I have just discovered and joined Instagram :)
I have a ton of photos,but will just upload my favourites here,as I am behind with bloggin.
Say cheese!

Bobcat and Sunny D.


Chuckitt love!

Gorgeous lil Jojo,an 8 month old Australian Cattle Dog from the search and rescue group I've been training with.

Handsome Rudi!

Mookie is such a yapper!!

Sleepy doggies.

Me,a Piggy and a Pointy!


'Nom nom nom I've got a new nylabone'

Ella is hiding lol and I had too many leads!

Shady is a total lapdog!

No room at the inn for Ella!

There's room for another in the cage,but Mookie is too grumpy to share,and Ells know that lols.

The boys are not very chivalrous...they are not getting up to offer Ells a space.

Aha! Finally got a spot!
It has been SO good to see a bit of sunshine,its been such a grey winter this year.

'I don't want this nylabone...but I'm not going to let anyone else have it hehhehe'

A face only a mother could love ;)

I love the puddles...maybe more than the dogs! lol.

Smiley lil Mitzi :)

Happy Bella on her walk.

The girls have been helping with the decorating ;)

Smartie 12 year old Border Terrier,and Skyla 2 year old Pomchi.

Beautiful girl!she has a great attitude too!

Urgh!!Look at the drool,its all over him!

Great way to start a friday morning lols.



Just chillin'.

Happy Deedoo at the end of a search and rescue (trailing) training session.

Mr is not up to you what we watch on the tv!

'Can I have some of your apple and sugar?'

Monday, 13 January 2014

Lazy day...

Erm Shady I don't think you really fit on there do you?

ALWAYS hopeful of a game this little baby.

Ella was determined to get a share of the tiny bed too.

Three way!

I met this cute little girl in Pets at Home today.Her name was Tinkerbell,she's 18 weeks old and was so outgoing :)