Saturday, 30 November 2013


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Walking and working...

Another run before a long day at work :)

Mookie's,well all of their coats look great on the raw.

'Come back bally!'


Think Mookie's found a critter!

'Still gots my ball!'

Snoozie Mookie.

 Shady and the beloved ball take a nap together!He always falls asleep with it bless him :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

First frost!

Yay,we had our first frost of the winter this morning.I took the dogs out for an hour before work,playing chuckit with Shadders and The Foof,and letting Mookie run like a nutter!She would suddenly decide to join in with the fetch,yapping away at me lol.
Shadders was thrilled with the frost,and kept skiing along on his face in it hahhahaha.

Look....Shady's man mane is nearly back!!! I really really really hope he's gonna get his magnificent black mane back...I think it is nearly here,his coat has taken 3 years to grow back after he dropped it all after he was castrated!!3 years!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Chuckit balls =

Dog crack cocaine to my dogs,I got a new bigger one today to try,and they are taking it in turns to obsess over it....I think Shadders may explode from the excitement :)
OMG a new bigger Chuckit ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Best day off for months!!

What a great day we've all had today:)
I got up early,walked the dogs (boring road walk),then I went off to do a brilliant bootcamp exercise session in the beautiful sunshine.
I had a mooch round some shops,bought some gravel to fill in the mud patch in the garden,which has been driving me wild!I should have done it months ago.
I then trained the dogs individually,followed by going for a long run with them.
Oh yeah and I took Lenny from the kennels out for a couple of mile walk too :)
To finish the day off perfectly..I'm off out in a minute to eat a roast dinner...cooked by someone else hahaha perfect!

The Misfits :)

Posing Piggy!

Shady looks kind of crazy when he's heeling!

'Head down' Mookie.

The mud pit...which drove me CRAZY!!

Et mud for them to trapse through!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Morning game.....

Before work this morning we went out for a quick game of frisbee,even Mookie took some time out of her hunting duties to join in hehe.
Foof was being very stubborn about not playing with the particular chuckit ball I had,she knows damned well that I lost her chuckit ball yesterday,well I threw it over the cattery roof into the next doors field,no doubt it will never be seen again :(
Flooz was outraged and started trying to scale the cattery (which is a 'full sized' building) wall,till I told her she wasn't allowed to do that!
So today she was all like 'Oh no I hate that ball,I can't possibly play with that!'Bitch!But after she saw Mookie and Shady playing with it and me launching it around like a nutter,she couldn't resist,ha ha.

This pic cracks me up,his jaw was chattering because he was so excited about the game of frisbee hehehehe.

'THROW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'


Mookie is every bit as happy to miss the toy and just get to run back lol.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Still more boring.........

My life that is!But I'm kinda enjoying the boring,in a bored kind of way hehe.
Work and my army bootcamp exercise classes oh and running and walking the dog are what life consists of now.
My work hasn't slowed down at all,which is unusual,I normally get a lull in Oct and Nov,but the way things are going I don't think its gonna let up this side of Christmas.
I've decided that in the New Year,I'm going to start back to agility,at least with Floozie.I would like to find an advanced tricks type class for Mookie and Shady,and work more their minds than their bodies.Having said that I really should get Mookie out of Grade frigging 3 in agility before I stop with her bwahahaha.
Foof really really really misses training.Not just the physical fact I think she was more wired when I did some training of a new trick with her the other day,I thought she may explode from the excitement!
Why of why I am SO lazy I don't know! I will happily drive miles to go to a class to train stuff (or myself) but I find no real motivation to do stuff alone....must just be because I am such a social being bwahahaha
I am excited to start back to agility,Flooz is such an incredible girl,she is a bit wasted on me really.

This morning which I've had off woo woo! I've been doing my housework.The dogs have been walked and fed,and I assumed they were off sleeping in the lounge...until I passed by my bedroom,which has a closed baby gate across the door...and spotted this!(I was changing the sheets...I don't sleep with no sheets yuck!)

Lol at Naughty Foofle Pig..she's got her 'oh shit someone's behind me' ears on hahahha

'Yes thanks I am very comfy here :)'

'Please leave,....I'm trying to sleep!'
 Here's some random CRAP photos from the past few days.I hate my phone,and cannot wait till the contract runs out so I can get a new one!!!

Mookie squeezing herself into Taz's little bed!

Meeting a favourite customer Layla the Beagle...I LOVE Beagles,one day I think I may even have one.Flooz and Mook are both weir,they tend to meet other dogs tail and hair up,and stiff as boards,but then they shake it off,and play bow! Little weirdos lol
'Hey bitch,you wanna play?'Flooz always get on with the dogs I least expect her to best too lol.

'All you do is work work work these days mum,maybe if I stand on the side of the grooming bath you'll notice me!'My grooming room is getting ripped down and rebuilt in the New Year too,can't wait!

'No way Taz,you are not getting in with me,sleep on the tiny bit of blanket sticking out hahahaha'