Monday, 31 December 2012

The end of the year is nigh..........

Little Lala :) Cheekiest Bulldog ever!

Crappy mobile pic from this evening run,I took them to Heartwood and blasted them with the chukkit for half hour.Lots of searching for the ball in the long grass,and sprinting = tired doggies = happy mummy!

We don't wanna stay outta the kitchen....pout!

Love these dogs :)

My amazing girls!

Photo bomber in the background!

My family :)

Me and The Foof a week ago,I was about to go out for a Christmas do :)

Reach for the stars in 2013 :)
 Its New Year's Eve,I am alone in my new (ish) flat,with the only people I want to be with,Shady,Mookie and Floozie.
I've had a 'different' year,full of ups and downs,the downs weren't awful,just part of life chugging along,changing and moving,and certainly nothing I couldn't deal with.

I'm looking forward to 2013,I'm looking forward to where my life leads to next,cos who knows where its heading?I didn't think at the start of 2012 I'd be where I am right now,but honestly,I don't remember being the happy and at peace for a long time,probably ever :)

Happy New Year everybody,I hope you have a great one!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

If we ain't tugging.......we herding!

I finally did some training with my poor bored and abused dogs today.I have been working SO hard since mid December,so they've been a bit back tracked,only going for walks each day.
Today I took them to Beckalar's,and we did some weave entries,some foundation games with toys,some tugging,and alot of 'just run around and blow all the steam you got out!'.

The vid shows Mookie and Sixx herding the tuggers,Shady and Flooz,they were cracking us up,the pair of nutters.They are quite similar dogs.Yappy and herdy!

We also got some pics,but sadly the light was not on our side.Still at least I have something to put on here....I am,as ever,reluctant to post when I don't have photos to go along with a post.

I just LOVE this boy.....and the feeling is mutual :)

Shadders has never done any entry training on just 2 poles,it did show how he literally doesn't slow down for the entry at all.This is probably because he was taught on V weaves,where he learnt he could just barge through without having to collect his stride or think too much.He LOVES to weave,they are probably his favourite piece of agility equipment.

'Hooking' me up with his paw.....freak lol.

Everyone looking a bit weird?!


This went on for over 5 mins!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Great way to start the week....

(Crappy mobile phone photo disclaimer)

This morning when the alarm was going off,I was having an internal conflict.....involving the littlle angel on one shoulder willing me to get out of bed and go to my 'army' fitness class.On the opposing shoulder was the little devil,telling me I didn't have to work till 3 in the afternoon,and to go back to sleep.....after all he argued,I could take the dogs for an extra long walk instead of doing the hard exercise.
Thankfully the angel won out,so off I went.
It was my first 'Regi' session in Dunstable and it was a little different,the last exercise involved me giving a full grown a piggy back up and down a hill! lol.
Of course as usual,when the session finished I was very happy that I had gone...'oh hello endorphins,very nice to see (feel) you :)
Then I took the dogs for a quick run.Dunstable Downs really is a stunning location,I need to get up there with my real camera next time.
I put Shadders and Foof back in the van and gave Mookie a blast with the flinger,running her up and down the hills which she loved.
I also asked her for some behaviours to get the reward of the 'flinging'.She struggles to focus when there is a toy out,as she was predominantly trained as a young dog with food.Toys always represented fun and just yapping and running.It took several requests to get some of the behaviours but once she realised it would earn her a 'fling' she got into it :)

We're all off to work now,and then this eve off to the agility Christmas show.what an enjoyable day,and will make up for my relaxing...if sightly boring weekend :)

Oh and I left the dogs home alone at the flat for the first time today,everyone was totally cool about it.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Urban safari.....

Due to the Foof's injury we went a' road walking today.It is another lovely morning,sun is shining and it was warm enough to have all the windows open and freshen the flat up.
I am having a very rare whole weekend off,I got to say I am pretty bored of being indoors by now lol,and am looking forward to getting back to Regiment in the morning,doing some work,and then in the evening the dogs and I are off to a training show at Dan's.
Course I won't be able to run the Foof now,but Mook's will definitly enjoy herself :)

Of course his Royal Shadyness won't go for a poo whilst he's on the lead,so I took them to a little field to let him off.He likes to race off and find something to play with if I don't have a toy for him :)

 The sign on the Downs.

 There are little statues on the gate posts.

Here's the (very scruffy) outside of the flat.The open white door on the left is my front door,the blue door is a shed,which I'm asuming is mine but the estate agent hasn't mentioned it.Then behind the green gate is my little piece of land bwahahaa.Its too muddy to use with the dogs at the moment,but I hope to fix it up.

A little bit of work,and it could be a nice,if tiny place to sit in the summer :) Its a job to wait till the spring though I think!

I have no real use for the back room,but the chairs which were left in there make for a photo oppurtunity.

Weird photo!

The only drawback of the flat,is that the garden is not yet usable,which means I have to go out with them last thing before bed.This photo was taken at 1am,the strange thing is,though I don't want to go out last thing,once I'm out I quite like it.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Foofie versus the fence......

I finally got my day where having the time to take photos,coupled with decent weather to take photos came.
It started well,we'd been out for an hour,the dogs were having a great time racing up and down the hills like nutters...and super fit freaks,just walking up the hills leaves me out of breath lol.

These narrow paths are made by the cattle which graze the hills to keep the plant life under control.

Mookie has been marking right left and centre since we move here.She is such a butch bitch!! 'All this now belongs to me!'

Happy is as happy does :)

My flat is in the middle of the photo,3rd row back.Its not one of the blocks.

I've been walking these hills for years on and off.This used to be a thriving tree which my niece used to love to climb :(

Miss Piggy...please take note of the beautiful white chest....unmarked at this point.

Bwahahaha at the Mooks face!

Mooks on what is left of the tree.

Can you tell it was windy at the top lol!!
 Once we'd reached the top,even though I'd been sending the dogs running up and down the main hills for around 15 minutes Mookie's turbo kicked in and she went zoomie-ing around like a possessed thing :)

Add caption

The plaque at the top of the hill.

Foof surveying her new stomping grounds.

The tower blocks of Luton in the distance.

At the bottom of the Downs on one side is the town centre,it amuses me how if you stand and look in one direction you could feel like you are on the Yorkshire Moors,miles from civilisation,then turn and look the other way,and you see the retail park,warehouses and waste ground.Can you spot Mookie and Shadders in here?

See this clump of hedges in the distance?To the right of it you can see the path worn into the ground.This is where the walk took a turn for the worse :(
 As I walked up this path,minding my own business,Mookie was in front of me a bit,and Flooze and Shadders were just about with me,when the most weird thing happened!
From behind the hedges and straight towards Flooz,literally almost running straight into her came the biggest hare I have ever seen!!It was bigger than Flooz,I thought for a moment it was a small Deer,as my brain tried to comprehend what was happening lol
I called and grabbed Mookie,who is a hunter through and through,and does not need to go hare coursing!Shady and Floozie set off after it,but Shady stopped at the fence and came back.
The Foof did not,and was out of sight for around 45 seconds,which felt like around 10 mins,and when she came back she got a massive jackpot of food lol.
Thankfully it didn't look as though she caught it,there was no blood or fur on her,and she was covered in thorns which would suggest it went to ground.

As I saw her coming back I stood on and also lifted the barbed wire fence so she couldn't hurt herself on it,but on getting her back and checking her over,I could see the fence got her on the way out.:(

As I continued my walk,I saw a man with 2 Dobies,he said his dogs had flushed the hare,that's why it came running blind towards us,poor hare,it was having a really bad day!

Poor Foof's chest :(

This was the bit of the walk I really wanted to take photos on,the hills are chalky with dozens of little paths criss crossing them :)But obviously with Foof's injury I couldn't hang around.

So it was a nice walk,with a bad bit.
Fortunatly the wound never actually bled,and even with having to walk her for around 45 mins to get back home,it didn't agravate it and set off bleeding.
I've not been to the vets with her,just cleaned it up myself,and will watch it closely,make sure it doesn't get infected.
Also luckily Foof hasn't so much as licked it once,so it'll just have to be on lead short walks for her for the next couple of weeks while it repairs,boo!!