Sunday, 29 March 2015

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Spring :)

It's been months and months since I've blogged! Been too busy living life to write much about it. 
Flooz is back to agility and we are LOVING it!! Very excited to start competing with her agin this year �� 
The others are all doing well,and I've been helping to look after a couple of other dogs regularly,for owned who need a but of a hand,I love my dogs,they're so social with whoever I ask them to be.
Spring is well and truly sprung and the clocks actualy go forward tonight,it's great to have the light evenings and a bit of warmer weather,so good for your mood,and I love to just sit outside reading all bundled up in a big coat with good up lol,just so the dogs can mess about in e garden,I do love for them to spend most of their day outside.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How do you forget...

So easily,the things you love to do?
I went to Ashridge today for the first time in weeks,and I just loved it! Which truly should not come as a shock,but when I don't go for a few weeks,I forget! Duh! 

The reason for the unexpected trip there was this...

A puncture on the van :( I think that is the first puncture I've ever had,and luckily one of my neighbours sorted it out for me,because I am a total embarrassment to feminism in that I can't/wouldn't change it myself lol.

Piggy looking very pissed off and cold at the start of the walk.

Walking till sunset is such a great way to end the day,except when I freaked myself out in the woods at the end of the walk,there was loads of noises in amongst the trees and bushes,which was probably deer,but I totally scared myself about it lol!

This is what it looked like when I arrived :) so pretty! 

The mist began rolling in as the light faded.

Back on top if the hill and above the mist it was still quite light.

We were surrounded by sheep for a lot of the walk.

Had to play chicken with the sheep a few times to get them to move off the path lol.

The are deer everywhere up there at the moment!

Back home and you can practically tell the temperature by how tightly Floozie is scrunched into a little ball lol.

Mr B is back having tiny walks again.

I finally got my hands on Jessie J the wonderful little Beagle. She is such a gentle little person! I took her to work to give her a bath and trim her nails,and she was an angel for all of it! 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I'm being good and did my agility homework today with The Boar. I noticed at our training on sat that she came off the Aframe a couple of times (only by an inch) because I was pulling away heavily to the right if the Aframe,so today I was just working on rewarding independant contact position,of course she nailed did,I had to remind her once that even if I went off somewhere not straight on,which is what I tend to do (so predictable!) but after the reminder she was back to business. 
Also did some sets of weaves,which were fine,but then I forgot to just work on entries with just 3 poles duh!

Naked Piggy alert!! 

Impulse control whilst she holds her contact she really fricken wants that chicken but can't have it till I say so lol.

The reason I forgt to do some things in training?? I got to meet the amazing puppy 'Who' 

This is Who's bag,with his name on :)

Who met The Wild Boar,and she promptly done a big yodelling woo woo woo at Becky,and Who was like ' oh yeah,whatever' lmao. Within 2 mins he was herding her! 

Sleepy collies :)

The old boys :)

Tommorow I have a whole day exciting,I intend to have a nice lie in,then so whatever I like whenever I like lol.
I have to do my heel work homework,go for a run,and do some turns on trees of goal posts lol,no access to equipment tommorow,so I have to make use of natural stuff instead.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

New neighbour...

This beautiful little beagle moved in two doors along from us,I've always loves beagles..from afar,the hound tendency to follow their nose would annoy me lol.

Me my girls and Jessie and her owner went for our first walk this evening,the dogs all got along fine,and Jessie J loved having some dog friends :)

Shady had been to work with me all day today,and we stopped into the big local pet shop on the way home.
I bought a different,less complete raw food for the dogs to try and figure out what is setting the allergic response in Bug.
I fed him dry food this morning,and it was the first meal time for days which he didn't have a reaction an hour or two after eating.
My other dogs have been a bit itchy lately too,so I've put them all onto the other raw too,and they are less itchy tonight too. I would be suprised and disappointed if the brand I've been using has changed it's ingredients and is making them itchy,we'll have to wait and see.

Mookie and her daddy,she's such a daddy's girl!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Poor Bug..

He keeps getting an allergic reaction to something,and we're not sure what is causing it.

It first happened Thursday morning,about an hour after he are. This photo shows it starting,though his face swelled a lot more than this,and he had bumps all over his body. His face seemed the most swollen where his head collar sits,and is washed that in a new detergent,so I was suspicious that he was reacting to that?
I have him antihistamine and that sorted that out.
Then it happened again in the evening,and I thought that maybe his bedding had been washed in the same liquid,so thought it was that,more antihistamine,and that sorted that out.
I washed his bedding,and head collar and hoped for the best.
Then is happened again yesterday morning, more pills and it went down,and we didn't give him his antibiotic (on vet advice) just in case it was that,he only had 3 pills of a long course left anyway.
It's the third day in since this started...and it's just happened again! It's driving me mad not being able to figure out what is causing it!
I thought last night maybe the bedding in the van where he's been to go to the vet had been washed in the liquid,but now I'm wondering if it's something in his food,as it seems to happen an hour or so after eating? The only last thing he is having with his food is his carprieve so we'll try leaving that out for a couple of meals and see if that fixed it,the poor boy,he does not need this right now! 

Can you tell this lot want something I have? Lol they want my coffee!

Come on mum,I'll swap you this bone for your coffee lol.

Bear walking as usual.

It's so nice when you finally talk someone with matted dogs in to bringing their dogs for grooming more regularly and the dogs are knot free :)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Competition heel work...

It is my absolute nemesis! But I have embarked on a mission to achieve it with all 3 of my dogs.
It's going to be tough...particularly for Shady who really has a shockingly bad amount of rear end awareness lol. That coupled with the fact that I have lured just about everything he has ever learned,and I baby him terribly and have very low expectations when I train him.
Which is all pretty ridiculous,as he loves to work and is greedy and toy mad .what is wrong with me? 
So this is why I have set myself this challenge..let's see how I do ;)

Julia and I hade a great lesson with kamal yesterday,where I am learning the 'secrets' of the perfect heel position lol,and good grief it is technical stuff!
As in agility my T Rex arms are a problem lmao!! 

Mookie and Django in London,waiting for their lesson ��

Shady and Floozie had their lesson at home..of course the Foof,who is literally aware of every single square inch of her body,nailed the swinging her booty into heel position lol

One of my all time favourite customers,Delta ��

The Boar and The Bears had a nice run yesterday�� 

Bella is another one of my favourites,like Delta..ball mad and no sense of self preservation,just like I like 'em.

Poor old B,another week recovering from knee surgery. Stitches out tommorow.

A group shot from today ��

Little Sunny D ��