Sunday, 28 September 2014

Monday, 22 September 2014

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Wow busy day...

Loads if grooming,some Newfie action,walking the dogs,and Ted and Taz hanging out whilst I worked. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

More working,swimming and agility...

Today was spent walking,dog sitting,working and agility training :)

These 2 spent the afternoon with me.

That's Ted the cockerpoo,and Taz my sisters Min Pin.

Bug is mastering the art of swimming with all his paws UNDER the water lol

The Foof and I had great fun with a little training session to end the day.

Now I'm watching TV with a Mookie curled up asleep on the arm of my chair :)

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

After work walk...

With the Piggy and the Pointy...I was really enjoy the lovely evening walk in the country,and then that damn Foof rolled in a big wet horse poo which looked,and smelt like a cowpat!! 

Shady was in disguise as a reindeer lol

Poor Shady,there he was minding his own business,and didn't even know the Foof had him in her sights! 

8 weeks post op...

Mr B seems to be doing well,I am cautiously optimistic that he's gonna be ok,but I am also VERY superstitious about saying things are fine lol. 
He's doing 2 twenty minute walks on lead per day and hydro twice a week,and is happy as only a Mr B can be! The hydro therapist says he's the happiest dog she's ever met,and that she would love to be as happy as he is,I would be happy with being half as happy as he is!! 

In a twisted way I'm glad he had to have this op,it's allowed me to bond with him properley as I've been a lot more hands on with him than ever before. He's Pete's dog, so I always just left them to get on with it,and let's just say he's always been allowed to be a bit wild (in a totally non agressive way) and he's frustrated me on many occasions with his (understandable) behaviour.

Since the op Pete has had to enforce a lot of rules and calm behaviour,which has made everyone Bug included a lot happier,and now Pete can see the improvement he's keen to keep the 'new Bug' :) I am all for it too lol.

This is the first pic if he whole gang back together since the op :)

And here's Mookie pretending to be road kill! Lol

Monday, 15 September 2014

Busy day today..

Lots of work,and I also had the Newfies with me for most of the day. Then after work Mr B had his hydro and physiotherapy session which he LOVED!! 

He is not a natural swimmer,never has been. He is certainly not lacking in the enthusiasm department,but VERY lacking in the technique department 😂😂 
He was a lot calmer in this session than the last tho,so hopefully they can teach him to swim horizontally,instead of vertically! 

After B's swim we took the dogs to a park near the pool and did a bit of training with each of then. 
Foof and me practiced all out new turns,and some if the old ones too,pivots,front crosses,ketchkers,blinds,flings and all that good stuff lol. You can actually achieve a lot on just one jump,who knew 😉

This is Shady's zen face after a good game of tug,fetch and some obedience 😃😍

Shady also had a go at the new turns too. 

Mookie Moo did some turns on the jump,then did some fetch and then had a good run..crazy bitch that she is! 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Happy birthday...

To Mookie Moo,7 years old,which means I now have 2 'veteran' age dogs,only nobody told them they are middle aged lol.
I actually am a day late,as I forgot till today,bad mummy!
Mookie's grinning from ear to ear today tho,since I finally remembered!

Mr B's leg seems to be healing up just fine,we're upping the exercise again,and he has started hydrotherapy too...which is ,erm eventful lol

Bad boys,bad boys what you gonna do?

The Foof had an agility session with Dan down at Brend's in Southampton,so it would have been rude not to have a quick beach trip whilst we were there! :) We were joined by the beautiful Sixxy too.

The Foof was scaring the life out of me,just motoring out in the water,swimming around for no apparent reason!
My running partners :)

The Foof  LOVES to swim :)

 The park near Bug's surgeon in Birmingham is so much fun,maybe Pete didn't think so after I made him go on some of the equipment hehehhee.

Get on the wobble board Pete,you know you want to!

My amazing girls :)
 Pete and I had a go at perching with the girls lol

I snapped a quick pic of Shady on the scales at the vets.He may look fat because he has a BIG coat,but he's still a lean,mean 24kgs :)
He's not the only one who's been at the vets lately,Foof had an allergic reaction to something last Monday eve,and we ended up at the Royal Vet College at half 11 at night.She had antihistamine,and a steroid shot,which sorted her out,and we lost our little Shar Pei impersonator within 2 days.

Poor girl,swollen and sore at the vets.

The following morning she just had a fat muzzle.
 So there,that's my photographic round up of the week :)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Not a very exciting day today..

But I want to put up some of the photos I take each day,instead of totally ignoring the blog like I have been since I found instagram!
Its just been a normal day of walking,working and playing.