Monday, 5 May 2014

Just chillin....

We've just been messing about in the garden this morning :)
We're on day 3 of a sunny,warm Bank Holiday Weekend...unheard of! lol

Sunday, 4 May 2014

More running...and back to agility!

I've been canicrossing with the dogs still,just a couple of times a week,and last week just once,which was a FAST run with the canicross group I run with.We did just under 4 and a half miles,in 43 mins.
Story of my life that I have to join a group to make me do something which I could very easily do alone lol...but you know...horses for courses...if I have to drive miles and pay to join a group to do something I could do alone for free to make me do it,then that's what I'm a have to do lols.

I have finally started back to agility! I went to a workshop last week,on Euro turns,I should be able to pick them up pretty quickly,The Foof of course got them straight away...a fuckin genius that dog evil genius,but undoubtedly a genius!!
This evening after having a great day...firstly a cool Regiment session in the sunshine,then I groomed 3 of my favourite dogs,whilst my lot mucked about in the sunshine,then this evening I used a friends field of agility equipment for an hour :)
I fixed Foof's weave problem...she hasn't weaved more than a handful of times in the past 2 years,and was popping out at the 10th pole.A couple of reminders with the last pole out an inch and she soon remembered.
Also practiced the Euro turns,putting them into a few tiny sequences,and revisited our 2o2o on the dog walk.
I also did 10 mins with both Mookie and Shady,who are both retired,but who still like a go...specially Shady,it absolutely made his day :)