Sunday, 28 July 2013

Living it up :)

Shady had a fun filled evening today ;)

Saturday, 27 July 2013

I wasn't expecting the worst after all....

So I was treating Shady's lump results with a 'expect the worst,hope for the best' attitude.
I was thinking...the worst.. it would be a mast cell tumour,and the would be some annoying folicular cyst or something.
God was I wrong :( My beautiful,wonderful boy has lymphoma...LYMPHOMA!!!! I can't really believe it,he is so healthy,I almost feel like the results must be wrong,even though I know they're not.

How can this boy who has barely had a days illness in his whole life have a terminal illness???

He's not poorly now,and is not acting in anyway out of the ordinary.I am waiting on results from the sample they took from his lymph gland on Wed now,to see if it has spread to there,if it has,the vet says,he has months not years to live.How can this be? I just can't wrap my head around it.He's so fricken healthy!He only turned 7 years old in June!He also came from a great breeder,who breeds wonderfully healthy and long lived dogs.He's had a good diet,loads of exercise,and fun and love...and here he is terminally fuckin ill when he should be middle aged :(

There is a name for the the type of lymphoma he has,which is always on the face or head,but to be honest if I go get that scrap of paper which the vet wrote it down on,I will spend all night looking it up on the internet,and I'm holding off all internet research till Monday till I know if it has spread or not.I'll get a referral to an Oncologist next week too.

This does look like a dog with a terminal illness does it?!

Piggy wants to be a handbag dog!

But whilst he still looks like this....I'll know he's happy :)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Beast....

Aka,my new van :) Its a few years old,but my first foray into a big van,and although I've only had it a few hours,and driven it for around 40 mins I love it!

Shady and Foof having the cage near the back doors.

Mookie and Bug have the cage behind the seats....which is much bigger than it looks here!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Boys,boys boys...

Shady went in for his lump to be removed yesterday,everything went well,clear margins,and we are just waiting for the path results now,which should be around 5 days.
My gut feeling is that its nothing to worry about,but I always get any lump removed from my dogs...having Boxers will do that to a girl ;)
If it does come back as a mast cell tumour,I will be shocked,I have to admit that,but its off him,so if it is a mast cell,there's nothing more I could do anyway.It was removed within 10 days of it first appearing,so fingers crossed that will be the end of it.

Not to be left out,the evening before Shady's op,Bug decided he would like a little vet action!I wasn't there,but Pete had to take him to the emergency out of hours hospital,as he was throwing up blood.I had talked myself into it being a ruptured mass on his spleen lol...(my motto is,expect the worst,but hope for the best!hehe)but turns out he had cut the underneath of his tongue,and was swallowing the blood.
He required no help from the vets,as the blood had started to coagulate,and so he also stopped throwing it up.He just has some anti biotics...hopefully that's enough vet drama round here for a while!

I would much rather Shady had not had his op on the hottest day of the bloody year...I don't like seeing him so hot,and was worrying a  little that he wouldn't stay awake enough to pant and regulate his temperature.I set up a fan in front of him on his bed...check out his 'Beyonce wind machine look' lol
I do think he got a bit dehydrated,he didn't wee at all last night,even though I hung around in the garden for 20 mins on 2 occasions,and then walked him up the street,where he would go up to trees and lamposts like he wanted to,but then didn't bother...finally after around 10 mins outside this morning he did a very concentrated wee.I thought we were going to have to go back to the vets about it,but as he hadn't been at all distressed about it,I thought it was just a matter of time,and drinking till he was good again....bonus point for Shady last night was that he got to sleep on my bed...which he loves...but which doesn't help keep either one of us cool lol.

Stoned baby.

No more lump,and no shaved Pointy which is what I was expecting.

......'Guess who's back,back again?Shady's back,Shady's back,Shady's back na na na!'
10 hours later and this is Shady this morning...back in action with a tennis ball in his mouth:) I think Shady may be the happiest dog in the world,always with a smiley face that one!

Django has been back with mine again...I was working at the kennels on the day which he comes in for his day boarding (he comes in once a week to get used to a different environment,and to get used to being away from his owners...he loves it too,drags them in,I love it when people think long term about their puppies :) ) I bring mine out to play in the run for the whole of lunch hour,so he got to play too,Mookie loves having a new young boy to boss around haha.
I really like this boy,maybe a Dobie is in my future lol.Julie (his owner) is the reason I got into Boxers,so lets see where this leads ;)

I really love this puppy!!

Mookie is happy to have her toy boy back ;)

Sunday, 14 July 2013


That's how I'm feeling right now :(
Mainly because of this...

Shady is going in to have it removed on Wednesday.....fingers crossed it is nothing to worry about :(

Ha....Ferret in rabbit's clothing ;)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Favourite?..........Yeah maybe ;)

A little girl in the kennels right now :)

Thursday, 4 July 2013


That's all I seem to be doing at the moment...had some time to snap a few quick photos though.

'Get me out of here,or I kill you! ;)
 The wonderful Ripley....a favourite customer :)

Almost a self drying dog!

Getting treats from the neighbour :)

'Please get me out of here'.

Hey how'd a photo of a person get in here? This is my beautiful niece  Charlotte  in her prom dress :)