Sunday, 31 August 2014


More running,I started the day with a short but faster run with the dogs.
My plan was going well,we went to Ashridge and set off,but a mile and a half in I ran across this little girl :(

A runner passed me and asked if I had another little dog and when I replied no he said there was one running around on its own and it looked thin.She appeared a long way down the hill in front of me and was running in my direction,but when she saw me,she turned and ran off.
I slowed the dogs down and walked down the hill,looking for her,and sure enough there she was hiding herself in the bushes.
I stayed  a while,threw her some treatswhich she ignored,and sat to try and let her get used to me.Then she just got up and bolted off,straight up the hill I'd just come down.
Ididn't try to chase her,I really don't think me chasing her with my 3 dogs would have helped the situation.
 Poor little girl,I can't stop thinking about her.
She's been registered on Dogslost,and I've shared her on FB,I don't know what else to do.

A few pics from the run.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Long time no blog...

Summer is nearly over,I don't know where its gone. It hasn't been the most productive summer lol,a relaxing one compared to the last couple though.
I have hundreds of photos to put up,but I'll just do a few per day I can't really be bothered!
The dogs are well,aside from poor old Mr B,who is 5 weeks post op on a cruciate repair.

Shady accompanied me to a dragon boat race on Sunday,I really forget how amazing my dogs are until I take them someplace like this,around hundred of people,and dozens of pet dogs,music system blaring and a whole lot of craziness going on,and they are just chilled out,having fun and playing and training as if we are alone at home with no distractions :) 

After spending around 3 hours there with Shady I went off to do some agility with the Foof,and after that a 5k run with Foof off lead,and Mookie canicross stylee.

                                          The running gang :)

Saturday I took Mookie out for a Mookie only day out and went to Emerton Country Park,which was not exactly amazing but it did have a couple of nice lakes which the dogs could swim in.

Are you kidding? You want us to do a stay whilst the goose mafia are coming to get us?!

Loch Ness Mookie!

Beautiful girl :)

Shady still loves to wear his toy lol