Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mookie update...

Little Mookie is much happier today,the rimadyl is doing its job,and Mookie also had an osteopathy treatment today.
The oseopath says she has pulled her hamstring,poor little girl.
So at least we have a diagnosis and a plan.On lead walks only for the rest of the week,then the rimadyl will be run out on Fri,and we'll see how she gets on without the drugs.
Hopefully Mooks will be back to full fitness in a few weeks.We can't do any agility for now,BOO,but I'm sure we'll manage without it.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Damn it.....

Poor Mookie is lame,and I mean REALLY lame :O(
I took her and Floozie for a run at Blows Downs in dunstable which is really hilly,and today was really wild and windy too.We had a great time,just really enjoying ourselves,and i was throwing a toy for them.
We spent about 40 mins there,came back to mum's and was fine,I groomed a couple of dogs,still fine trotting around for a couple of hours of and on.
Came home fed the dogs,still Mookie was fine,went to sleep for half an hour and when she got up she was only on 3 legs :O(
Poor baby,we've been to the vet,who doesn't thnink it is her knee,thank goodness,but did get a very small reaction when she manipulated her 'calf' muscle,so I hope that's all it is.
She's had some rymadil,and has been sound asleep on a dog bed on the floor since we got back from the vet,which is unlike Mooks,she prefers an arm chair.
Hopefully she'll be back to normal in no time.


I am SO happy with the way the little girls are working right now,which in turn i think must mean I am getting better too :)
Mookie is SO up for it these days,tugging like a crazy thing with her toy,really getting in touch with her inner Staffie!
Last night I just had the best session with both the girls,Mookie and me had a great session,just seemed to go so well,even when it went wrong lol.
Floozie is REALLY coming together now,her turns look great she really listens so well to me,(shame when i send her the wrong way tho)contacts are coming on,but Dan pointed out last night that she find putting her back feet back on the contact rewarding,so that is something i have to watch doesn't become a habit.But I'm not too worried as she's only done a handful of full dog walks and A frames.
I am tentativly thinking I may almost be ready to put her in some UKA shows after Xmas,just steeplechases,so just jumps and tunnels.I def need to do lots of UKA shows with her before I attempt KC shows.My attitude is just so relaxed at UKA,which is something I am going to have to maintain with her,as stress,me and Flooz will be a VERY bad combination!
Shady has some lessons booked for agility starting next week,so excited tht I'll be working him again!Also SO excited to be training him the 'new way',with rules and consistensy,and no stress :O)
Next year is going to be VERY exciting working all 3 dogs,and not to mention expensive lol.
I def would not work all 3 dogs each day at shows,probably do 2 day shows at the weekend,and work 3 runs in total for each dog spread over the 2 days.
So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weekend training,and gossiping...

As per usual,these photos are about a month old,my blog is always behind my life.
weekends at Becky's are great fun,we do a bit of training,a lot of playing and a lot of chatting,normally in that order.
Sixx is getting older and bigger,and I can see a huge change in her each week,both physically and mentally.She's really growing up :O)

'I will squash the annoying puppy with my little melon head!'


I really like little Poppy :)

Floozie + puppy tug = murder!!

Sixx continues to hero worship Shady!

Bull Terrier??

Sixx is starting to look like a real dog more and more each time I see her.

Bushtucker trial!

I think the celebritys in the jungle should have to face this lot in a trial lol

Floozie walk walk walk !!

These videos are a couple of months old or so now,but they are Floozie's first full dog walks ever!She's such a wild thing,the screaming is because she cannot wait to get to her contact position.
Oh the joys of having a dog you've done foundation work with,and REALLY taught the position to. :)

Saturday, 5 November 2011


I took the girls and B to Becky's this morning,we arrived and started training at 8,and just stayed a couple of hours.
Sadly it was too foggy for photos.
I had homeowrk set for both of the girls.
Foof had to do one jump focus,and work on her Reinforcement zone.(RZ)
Mook had to work on her RZ too,and turning tight.
I was told to put a spare jump bar on the floor,to give me a marker to see if the turn was tight enough for a reward or not,it worked brilliantly.
I was suprised to see she really had no value for the RZ,and would loop out,and or flank me,it was a very interesting exercise,and one Mookie ecspecially benefit from.

Yesterday I was asked if I would be interested to walk a really nice GSD bitch,just once a week,I really hope I get to!

Gotcha Floozie!!

Well I forgot Floozie's actual gotcha day,and month technically,but better late than never!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Country living...

Over the road from Paradiso is G and R's plot.
They keep chickens and sometimes piggies here,grow veg and generally live like 'The Good Life',but with common sense lol.
Pete and Tommy patched up most of the holes in Paradiso'a fencing,and Poppy,Bug and floozie ran around for a couple of hours whilst they worked.
I love this place already,but also love the fact that i have taken it on at this time of year.
The clocks have just gone back,so i have struggled to get there this week,but I can't wait till next summer when I can go there at 5 am and it be light,and stay there till 10 at night.
I am looking forward not only to having my agility field up and running,but also to just sitting down there next to the river with a good book,and let the dogs run and play for hours.

Bug is trying to subtly get near Pickle,sadly for Bug subtlty is not his strong point!!

Pretty Poppy.

I don't think there's many working Terriers who also roll over on command lol.

Tommy and his girls :O)

Safe with the chickens.

Poppy cooling down country stylie!

A part of the river in G and R's plot,this is upstream of my piece of river.These used to be water cress beds,that's why its divided up like it is.There is also a natural spring in there!

Here you can see a little of the water cress on the inside of the other plants.

We got most of the holes patched up.

Floozie and B indulged in many episodes of 'stick wars',which Floozie mostly won lol.

Whilst Poppy was supervising the labour..

The 'staff' ;O)

Put em up Bug!

The entrance to G and R's plot.You can see Poppy half way up the track,we had to send her back in to her mum,whilst we walked into the village with Bug and Floozie to go to the shop.

My little dog mobile parked opposite at the gates to paradiso.
I really want to get a new bigger van next year so I can take all the dogs out at once,without them being squeezed in like cattle on the way to slaughter!

You never know what you might find to play with down here!

Mindy soaking up some rays.

Splish splashing around :O)

We have little pathways appearing now,as I trapse back and forth.This one leads to the more private bit of river,which is my favourite part of the whole land.


2 Saturdays ago the girls and I went off to Becky's again.
We actually managed to get some training done,result lol.
Whilst we were waiting for Becky to arrive we went in and played some fetch,or in Floozie's case,'Eat the brand new pretty pink ball!'


'Oh come on mum,sitting is booring!

Woohoo Sixx is here,and she's a getting big!

and Mookie is gonna squish her!

Floozie and Sixx are still firm friends.Floozie is more gentle with Sixx than with any other dog,I wonder if its because they met first when Floozie was in season,maybe she feels maternal towards Sixx! lol.

Naughty Floozie!

Tugging Floozie!

WWWWwwweeeeeee!!Mookie loves this new toy...or ANY toy.She likes to have it thrown and then run round and round and round with it whilst shaking her head and roo rooing!

Puppy jump bumps..

Sixx is 5 months now,and gets more beautiful every time I see her :O)